As a content creation marketer, you will spend a lot of time creating content. You will waste blood, sweat, and tears on content that no one may ever see if it isn’t marketed properly. The best social media marketing companies in Kansas City know how to solve this dilemma though. Even a Google Ad company in Kansas City will have the ability to properly use your content to not only gain traction, but also online traffic and attention. Your trusted Facebook marketing company in Kansas City is well versed in how to get high-quality content out to a specific target market, and your content is no different. Here are 3 Facts About Facebook Marketing from your trusted Facebook & Instagram Ad company in Kansas City!

Fact 1

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On average, 1 billion active daily users have at least 20 minutes of on-site time on a daily basis! That is amazing! Facebook makes money by selling advertisements to be presented to specific demographics on their platform. A Facebook Ad company in Kansas City knows how to make these ads beautiful, successful, and vital to a company’s growth.


Facebook’s goal is to take your ad and put it in front of the one person, from amongst that 1 billion, who is going to purchase your product or service. They are there for you! Take advantage of online platforms today through the use of Facebook and Google Adwords consultant in Kansas City.

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Fact 2


Facebook collects over 10,000 data points on each and every one of their users. No one knows the exact number, but the point is, they know a lot of their users. Using Facebook to market your business is wise because they provide you with a method of filtering through various demographics so you can present your ad in front of the group of people you are specifically marketing towards. The best social media marketing companies in Kansas City can do some truly amazing work with the right brand and platform!


Fact 3

What Makes Social: Managed.

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Did you know that the organic reach has declined from 16% to 2% over the last several years? This means that your post only has around a 2% chance of showing up on someone’s news feed without any financial backing or push. Paid ad placement is an amazing marketing feature that everyone should be taking advantage of.