Podcasting can be a powerful SEO tool that many SEO companies in Kansas City use on a frequent basis.  Whether you are the host or the guest, SEO should always be in the back of your mind while recording a podcast.  The best SEO companies in Kansas City don’t just use one strategy; they use a plethora of strategies and platforms to increase their organic search ranking score.  Every Kansas City SEO company should always be updating and perfecting their SEO strategy.  Here are 5 podcast SEO tips & tricks!

5 Podcast SEO Tips & Tricks

  1. Choose A Keyword For Each Episode

Your first action before recording an episode should be to choose a keyword for that episode.  Keywords are needed to help search quires tell search engines what your article or podcast is about, and will then rank you and organize you accordingly to the general public.  A keyword should be as short as possible so that it can be used in various search criteria.

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  1. Create A Page / Blog For Each Episode

If you don’t have a website, create one; but if you do have a website, create a blog or page for every podcast episode you record.  These pages will advertise your podcast and be a springboard for listeners to find your podcast on iTunes or even download them directly from your website.  This will also greatly help and benefit your SEO ranking score.

  1. Use Heading Text

When creating a page or blog for your next episode, remember, it should always be at least 300 words long, but no longer than 500.  The blog post should be related to the podcast episode’s topic, and give a well-supported summary of the episode.  Your chosen keyword should be mentioned within the content enough times that it is filling 1.5% of the blog’s density, but no more than 3%.

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Every SEO company in Kansas City uses heading text to rank higher in organic listings, and so should you.  Always use one or two H1/H2 heading tags that have your keyword inserted into them.  While this is a small requirement for your podcast, it will help greatly.

  1. Get Social

Social media is essential in this day and age!  Search engines all use Facebook likes, retweets, and other content to determine your relevance and quality.  The best Kansas City SEO company will tell you that social media is one of their most powerful tools.  By having an active social media account, you will raise your profile content, and search engines will notice and reward you. Check out our blog on social media tips.


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  1. Create Other Links

Google and other search engines do consider how your blog articles or pages are linked to other blog articles or pages across the web.  Connecting your article or podcast to another relevant website can significantly help your SEO score.  By linking to these pertinent other websites, Google will see the relevance and start ranking your content higher.