In our last blog in this series, we discussed Google Analytics and what it does for your site. This next topic is one that has a relation to the analytics page. ABC’s of Digital Marketing: B is for Bounce Rate.

B is for Bounce Rate

What is This Rate?

The best website company in Kansas City wants you to take time to understand the bounce rate and what it means for your webpage. Bounce rate is a term used to describe the measurement of the percentage of people who go to your website and either stay on that page, leave, or visit more pages on your site. A single page visit can result in a very high bounce rate for websites, and for some, that can be precisely what you don’t want. However, it is just fine for some webpages. For example, as a digital marketing company in Kansas City, we have optimized our site to have everything people need on our landing page.

This results in a higher bounce rate for us when compared to other sites. We have perfected our work as the best Kansas City SEO company and placed all of the necessary information for our services, contact information, and credentials on the home page, so there is no need to leave the page to gain an understanding. Our other pages host more in-depth information on what we do. Like our blogs, and additional ways to directly contact us for our services as a digital marketing agency in Kansas City.

So, there can be a bit of discrepancy when trying to determine efficiency of a webpage. For some, they want a very low bounce rate. This shows them that their audience is exploring their webpage and searching through their products or services. This can result in a higher conversion rate. Ending up being a significant determining factor for those with a webpage. 

Can I Change It?

There are many ways to change your bounce rate. The most popular trend is for those wanting to lower their high bounce rates. The best way to lower the rate from the best Kansas City web design company is to encourage engagement. Doing this can direct traffic to multiple pages and encouraging them to stay on your site.

ABC’s of Digital Marketing: B is for Bounce Rate. Are you ready to lower your bounce rate or optimize your landing page but need some help? Call our team at the best digital marketing agency in Kansas City. We can help keep people on your website and possibly increase your conversion rate faster than you already have. Give the best website company in Kansas City a chance to optimize your site.