A is for Analytics

Our team at the best SEO company in Kansas City wants to spread our knowledge far and wide of everything in the world of digital marketing. Through the next few weeks, we will walk you through the ABCs of digital marketing, starting with A, of course. ABC’s of Digital Marketing: A is for Analytics.

ABC’s of Digital Marketing

What is Analytics?

Google has a service called Google Analytics. Most, if not all, of the digital marketing companies in Kansas City, use. It is a tool that can show businesses insights on their webpages to see how well they are performing. This tool can show an assortment of data that can be beneficial when optimizing your webpages or the information on it by using the best website companies in Kansas City.

For example, the home page of Google Analytics shows many things. This includes number of users, the bounce rate of your webpage, session duration, and other measurements. Google Analytics can also show customer acquisition and how they reached the site. This shows you the most effective way of reaching a broader audience. This is not a tool designated for just use by a digital marketing agency in Kansas City; it is to be used by businesses all around to perform research on their strategies. 

One insight that a website company in Kansas City can have is the ability to see through Google Analytics is where your audience is located geographically. This can ensure, for instance, that you are able to accommodate your audience and their geographic differences, whether it be language or cultural differences.

ABC’s of Digital Marketing: A is for Analytics. Google Analytics is an essential part of your journey through Kansas City web design. Therefore, all of the information it shares can allow you to optimize your webpage for those who visit regularly. If you are unsure of how you should optimize your page or understand the analytics, give us a call. In conclusion, let the best digital marketing agency in Kansas City walk you through the process and as a result, learn more about your business. Stay tuned through the next few weeks for more of the alphabet!