We Research

At Social: Managed., a digital marketing agency in Kansas City, we believe the more work you do up front, the higher your probability of success. Understanding the needs of your customers, where they visit, and what keywords are proven to be searched all help us execute our marketing campaigns with a high level of success on Google AdWords, Facebook, and other social media marketing platforms.

We Optimize

An area that even the best digital agency in Kansas City misses is optimizing your website for the keywords of all your marketing activities. Each time you run a new marketing campaign, it is important to have a unified face, to Google. If you have ever run your own campaigns, you may have seen a relevance score. This is important to note, as that is how relevant Google believes your ad is to your website. If that score is low, you may not be shown, or you may have to pay a higher cost per click than your competitors.  This is what sets Social: Managed. apart!

We Measure

Each month we meet to review tangible data based on reach, impressions, clicks, calls, and conversions. We believe strongly in reviewing the story the data tells us and using that information to make changes each month until we have a strong lead funnel built. This is not something that happens over the course of a few months, and it takes experts to understand what the data is telling us. It means paying attention to the detail data that makes us one of the best Google AdWords, Facebook Ad consultants, and the best digital marketing agency in Kansas City.

Best Website Leadership in Kansas City!

David Alexander Named Owner Of Top 25 Website Company By Ingram’s Magazine

Our mission is to provide our customers with a seamless marketing experience across all of their digital assets. We want to be the best digital marketing agency in Kansas City. We will achieve this through over communication, excellence in execution, and becoming a trusted advisor to our customers.