If you’ve ever wondered how to improve your Facebook strategy, but you’re not sure how; you’ve come to the right place. As a trusted digital marketing agency in Kansas City, we are here to tell you that you are not alone. As the best social media marketing companies in Kansas City have learned, Facebook is a platform that can be extremely useful, while also being extremely time-consuming. With these great Facebook page apps, your business will grow while your Facebook management process becomes more comfortable. Here are five Facebook page apps to boost your business from your trusted Facebook ad company in Kansas City.



Heyo allows you to easily create contests and campaigns for Facebook with easy-to-use customizable templates. This is a great page app to use to increase interaction for every Facebook and Instagram ad company in Kansas City.

Ripe Social


Ripe Social offers 11 different apps to choose from that will help you build a custom Facebook Page. It’s incredibly affordable, and a great way to create a custom brand on Facebook. There are a ton of different options to choose from for your Facebook marketing company in Kansas City.



Pagemodo is an excellent Facebook tab app that allows you to create custom tabs for your Facebook page. The best social media marketing companies in Kansas City adores apps like Pagemodo, because they will enable you to ensure that your Facebook page stands out from the rest.



Tabfoundry is an excellent Facebook tab used by your trusted digital marketing agency in Kansas City. Tabfoundry is another superb way to build contests and custom tabs on your page. You will have a blank canvas with handy drag-and-drop widgets.



MailChimp will be an excellent integration for your Facebook page. This will allow you to grow your email list and share your campaigns. Once you’ve integrated MailChimp onto your Facebook profile, you will be able to run MailChimp on all of your Facebook pages.


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