Even the best digital marketing agency in Kansas City can continue to learn and grow how best to run, market, and manage Google ads and Adwords accounts.  Just like building a tremendous optimized landing page, there is a specific and practiced science to creating high converting, low cost-per-click Google Adwords campaigns.  Contact your Google Adwords consultant in Kansas City today, and learn how to raise the effectiveness of your Google ad.  Here are 3 ways to get the most out of your Google Adwords campaign.

Get the Most Out of Your Google Adwords Campaign

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“Search Network Only”

Adwords campaigns offer the marketing manager a variety of campaign types, but most advertisers look for search or even display networks.

Search networks are groups of search-related websites where your ads can appear.  These include Google search sites, as well as other sites that Google partners with.  The best Google Ad company in Kansas City can manage your ad to reach its most optimized potential.

Display networks have a broader reach, and they get you more impressions but usually generate a lower number of click-through rates.  In summary, it depends on your business type, advertising goals, and where your audience lives online.  Even the best Google Ad company in Kansas City can’t control everything.

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Bid on Relevant Keywords

The best digital marketing agency in Kansas City has many tools and techniques available to them to strategize for the best keywords.  If keywords are the foundation for your Adwords campaign, bidding on the most appropriate keywords should be second nature.

Selecting keywords to advertise, and keywords to avoid advertising can be what makes or breaks your campaign.  Your trusted Google Adwords consultant in Kansas City can help you strategize for the best keywords, and how to accurately bid on them.  For example, if you’re an advertising agency that offers pay-per-click management, then you probably won’t want to bid on keywords that relate to website development or dental work.

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Schedule Your Ads

Similar to bidding on relevant keywords, it’s always smart to only run your ads when you know it will be useful.  For example, if your business only operates during standard business hours, you may not want to run your ad during the middle of the night.

To correctly set up the days and times you want your campaign to run, contact your trusted Google Adwords consultant in Kansas City for instruction and guidance.