Good Social Media Content

If you are a business owner, investing in your social media is just as important as investing in the business itself. Nothing happens until someone sells something, and in order to sell something, that something must be marketed well. In today’s world, where social media is the biggest form of marketing, yet still such a relatively new industry, not many people know how to use it to their advantage. Creating good content that is engaging is a challenge and will take many failed attempts at learning what works best. As a digital marketing agency in Kansas City and a Facebook Ad company in Kansas City, we’ve compiled four tips for creating good social media content that has proven to be successful. 

User Generated Content 

UGC, User Generated Content, is an excellent way at garnering business and engagement. UGC is content created by users that promote a brand, whether that be in a photo, video, testimonial, etc. and share on their social media platforms. Studies have found that businesses or brands that use UGC as part of their social media tactics come across as more authentic to consumers. UGC is also great as it brings a feeling of community, is extremely cost-effective, and allows brands to be in touch with their audience. Two businesses that participate in UGC and are very successful are Go Pro and Starbucks. 

Provokes Emotions 

Every year Budweiser captures the hearts of millions with their Super Bowl commercials. How do they do it? Whether they use their iconic Clydesdales or adorable puppies, they pull at your emotion. And it works. Obviously, a Super Bowl commercial doesn’t constitute as social media, but you get the point. As a Facebook marketing company in Kansas City, provoking emotion is a huge tactic in our social media efforts for our clients.  


The ways you can be engaging with your followers on social media are endless. Examples of engaging content include polls, quizzes, and contests. Many online boutiques and small businesses on Instagram receive exceptional engagement rates when they host contests for winning gift cards. Engaging content allows you to be creative and will provoke an urge in people to respond. 

Visually Appealing 

If social media is mostly visual, it would be silly not to post visually appealing content. When you include photos on your social media platforms, it’s imperative that they are of high quality and will grab the attention of your audience. Visual content such as infographics, graphs, photos, and GIF’s can have a profound impact on sales and engagement levels when used correctly. If you have a low marketing budget, there are many applications and programs out there for free content creation and photos! As one of the best social media marketing companies in Kansas City, some of our favorites include Canva, Pexels, and Ripl. 

Good Social Media Content

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