Google has announced a huge announcement pertaining to the work of a digital marketing agency in Kansas City. They are shutting down the social media platform Google+. The company has admitted that their user engagement on the platform was low, which isn’t surprising to the best social media marketing companies in Kansas City. Google has decided that Google+ is best suited as an internal social network for companies and large corporations, which is great news for your Google Adwords consultant in Kansas City. Breaking: Google To Shutdown Google+ Following Massive Data Exposure.

Following a large data exposure, which was reported on by The Wall Street Journal, Google+ announced that it is shutting its social media doors for everyday consumers. It’s not an exaggeration to admit that your Facebook marketing company in Kansas City probably saw this news coming from a mile away, but it is still big.

Google had admitted that the platform never received the broad adoption or engagement that they were hoping for. According to sources, 90% of Google+ users sessions lasted less than 5 seconds. That is exceptionally low! This is shocking news, even to your Instagram ad company in Kansas City. Google is finally going to be putting Google+ out of its misery for the time being as a social media platform. If you want more in-depth news on this update, please contact your Google ad company in Kansas City.

Google+ will continue as a product for enterprise users, like your Facebook ad company in Kansas City, but not for your day to day user. The company has made the decision that Google+ is best suited as an internal networking platform for businesses and larger corporations. New applications and updates for their enterprise customers will be announced in the near future.

Farewell, Google+! We will miss you!

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