While being unique in your own marketing strategy is important, there’s a lot you can learn from a digital marketing company. Be one step ahead of the game by knowing how to monitor competitor marketing strategies. 

How To Monitor Competitor Marketing Strategies

1. Analyze top-performing social media posts 

Good social media is key. When planning out your social media schedule, take a look at your opponent’s platforms, and take note of their most engaging posts. What time of day was it posted? Day of the week? What verbiage did they use? Photos? You can also learn a lot from the best social media marketing companies in Kansas City by what they post.  

2. Identify keywords 

Any business that works with a digital marketing agency is undoubtedly going to have SEO keywords. These keywords help the business rank among the first page of Google. There is a lot of strategy that goes behind SEO. If you are experienced in it, then you know what to look for. However, most people aren’t. For the inexperienced, SEO keyword research tools are available online that provide in-depth insight into what your competitors are ranking for. While these tools are available for anyone to use, we highly suggest you hire a SEO company to do the work for you. 

3. Subscribe to their email list 

Nearly every digital marketing agency in Kansas City use email as apart of their marketing strategy to generate revenue. One very easy and effective way to monitor your competitors is by subscribing to their email list. By doing so, you can learn a little more about their campaign strategy, how often they send out content and company news. 

4. Analyze competitors website 

If you aren’t checking out your competitors’ website regularly, you should. A company with a custom website design should have a well-designed layout with accurate information, thoroughly written blog content, quality images, and SEO tactics.  

5. Utilize Monitoring Apps 

Lucky for you, you don’t have to analyze your top competitors organically. There are many fantastic tools and sites online that can gather comprehensive data in seconds. For example, you can monitor competitor social activity like average engagement rate, social audience, number of followers, social shares, and much more. Many of the best social media marketing companies in Kansas City use more than one online service to monitor client competitors. 

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