Anyone that is new to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) knows that the terminology can feel like a different language at first.  There are terms that SEO companies in Kansas City frequently use that SEO writers quickly need to become familiar with. 

This article will show some of the most commonly used terms that the best SEO companies in Kansas City use regularly.  These are all critical components when it comes to boosting a client’s online presence and improving their Google rankings.

SEO companies in Kansas City

Meta Description

When a search result appears on Google, it typically includes the title tag (name of the business or organization), the website, and a brief description of the site called the meta description.  A premier SEO company in Kansas City will ensure that the site has an informative meta description, as it can help improve click-through rates since meta descriptions do appear on search results.


Another commonly used term for SEO companies in Kansas City is SERP or Search Engine Results Page.  A SERP is a listing of the top results on Google for a given search term. 

SEO companies in Kansas City

Links (Internal and External)

There are two types of links that you will become very familiar with when working for an SEO company in Kansas City.

Internal links are inside of your website and link to other pages inside of that same site.  For example, the home page of any website will likely have multiple internal links you can click to take a user to the “About Us” page, “Product Information,” or the “Contact Us” page.

External links are places where you can click to take you away from the current website.  A website that sells hot dogs may want to include an external link on their page that takes people to a different website where they can buy buns.  The company selling buns could also add an external link that takes a user back to the site that sells hot dogs. 

Many of the best SEO companies in Kansas City will utilize external links to help establish authority for their websites.  If writers use unnatural links in order to improve their SEO rankings, it could result in a penalty and poor results on Google’s rankings.

SEO companies in Kansas City

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