Make Your WordPress Site More Secure

2019 has been the “year of privacy.” From Facebook’s privacy scandal, to Amazon confirming that Alexa does, in fact, hold on to data, it can feel as though nothing is private anymore. Within seconds, someone in another country can access your credit card information or hack all of your online accounts. Needless to say, security is more important than ever. If you own a WordPress site, then it’s crucial you know how to protect your website against malware and hackers. Social: Managed is ranked among the best website companies in Kansas City, and if you want to learn some easy ways on how to make your WordPress site more secure, then continue reading. 

Strong Passwords 

Now, this first tip is an obvious one, but an important one to take seriously. Strong passwords (as in passwords that are near to impossible to guess) is crucial to WordPress security. The most common hacking attempt is due to stolen passwords. If you’re afraid you’ll forget your secure password, then use a password manager.   

Pay Attention to Available Updates 

Just like the apps on our phone and our computers, WordPress will release regular updates that you will have to initiate manually. If you see that an update is needed, don’t hold off on it. Updating not only the WordPress core, but also plugins and themes, is crucial to the security of your site. 

Backup, Backup, Backup 

A website company in Kansas City will tell you that backups are one of the most important things you can do to securing your information. Luckily, backing up your WordPress website is fairly simple. There are numerous WordPress backup plugins available that you can either pay for or get for free. Additionally, it’s important to also regularly save your backups somewhere that isn’t your hosting account. Places like Amazon and Dropbox are good remote locations. 

Remove Unneeded Plugins and Themes 

An easy tip for a more secure WordPress is to remove any plugins and themes that you don’t need. More plugins and themes increase your risk of getting hacked. Therefore, go ahead and deactivate and delete all of the ones you don’t need. 

Web Application Firewall (WAF) 

A web application firewall (WAF) essentially prevents malicious traffic from reaching your website and only allows genuine traffic through. Our website company in Kansas City highly suggests purchasing a WAF for your WordPress. Some applications even come with malware cleanup and blacklist removal! For WAF help and WordPress website help in Kansas City, contact us at Social: Managed

Change Default Admin Username 

For a while, WordPress set the default admin username to “admin” for everyone, which made it very easy for hackers to attack. WordPress has since changed their ways and now require users to create a custom username. However, if your username is still “admin,” it is highly recommended from the best website company in Kansas City to change it. 

If you need WordPress website help in Kansas City, feel free to reach out to us at Social: Managed, a digital marketing agency in Kansas City. We are not only experts in WordPress but also SEO, social media management, web design, and Google Ads.  


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