The Importance of Online Reviews for Business

With shopping for products and services at the tip of our fingers, very few people purchase anything without reading several online reviews first. In 2019, 82% of consumers said they read online reviews for local businesses. Meanwhile, 91% of consumers said they are more likely to use a business after reading positive reviews. Our Facebook marketing company in Kansas City finds these two statistics quite astonishing in understanding how much power online reviews hold! However, online reviews for a business are more important than just for purchase decision-making. According to our digital marketing agency in Kansas City, here are a few reasons about the importance of online reviews for business.

Drives Purchases

Think about it – how many times have you looked at reviews for a product online before deciding to purchase it? Or, how many times have you not bought something because there were no reviews for it? People are way more willing to make a purchase online after reading positive customer feedback. In fact, consumers tend to trust online reviews from strangers just as much as personal recommendations! So, the more positive reviews you have about your brand or product, the more you can expect to receive business.

Online Reviews Boost SEO

Did you know online reviews boost business rankings on search engines? If you follow along with our SEO company in Kansas City, then you know search engines (like Google) love fresh content – and customer reviews surely help in that aspect.  For instance, the more positive reviews you have on Google, the more likely you will fall higher in the search rankings. On sites like Facebook and Yelp, a business’s ranking is determined based on the number of reviews they have and their overall rating.

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Increases Brand Trust and Credibility

A steady stream of positive reviews is one of the best ways to increase both trust and credibility in a brand. Many consumers don’t want to be the guinea pigs when it comes to purchasing a product or service from a business. Instead, they want to know who the company is, what kind of experience they are going to receive, and know that they are going to get what they paid for.

This is exactly what online reviews do. Reviews help show legitimacy in your business and help instill a higher sense of trust and credibility compared to your competitors.

Online Reviews Boost Business

All in all, online reviews are vital to every company, and the more positive they are, the better. Positive reviews not only increase sales, but they also boost SEO and brand trust.

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