Three Biggest Web Design Turn-Offs

Even the best website companies in Kansas City can attest – web design is tricky. There is a lot of strategy that goes into creating a website that will generate leads, is visually appealing, represents the brand well, and boosts conversions. As a website company in Kansas City, we find that many of our new clients have created a website themselves, but can’t understand why they don’t receive many visitors… until we visit their page. It takes a special kind of person with an eye for design and knowledge in the web design industry to create a high-quality, successful website.  While we highly suggest paying for a custom website design in Kansas City, if you decide you want to design your own site, here are the three biggest web design turn-offs.   

Cluttered Pages 

How many times have you clicked on a website, found it to be cluttered with advertisements, flashy animated pop-ups, bright colors, and just overwhelming all around? We can assume you most likely left and went to another website.  

When people visit a site, they typically want to find exactly what they came for and not navigate their way around it like a maze. When designing your site, as a company who specializes in Kansas City website design, we recommend scannable pages, short paragraphs, proper use of white space, keeping color to a minimum, and clear navigation. 

Not Mobile Friendly 

We can’t stress this enough. Make sure your website is mobile friendly. It’s a mobile world we’re living in, so ensuring your site is catered to mobile users just as much desktop users is essential in garnering business and gaining high conversion rates. If you need WordPress website help in Kansas City in formatting your site for a mobile device, contact us at Social: Managed., the best website company in Kansas City.  


It’s a fact – people don’t have the patience generations before us had. Just like you have left a website because it was cluttered and overwhelming, how many times have you left a page because it was too slow at loading? Today, people want instant gratification. Google has found that the slower a website is to load (as in longer than 3 seconds), the higher the bounce rates are. If you want people to visit and stay on your website, page speed is the difference between a new lead and a person never coming back to your page.   

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