Marketers are faced with a difficult choice when outlining their inbound marketing strategy, especially when attempting to generate online traffic.  SEO companies in Kansas City have to choose between white hat or black hat link building strategies to elevate their client’s and become the best Kansas City SEO company available.  White Hat tactics use an approach that politely follows Google’s rules, while Black Hat tactics are more aggressive, and continually bends the rules to raise their organic SEO scores.  Continue reading to learn more about what is black hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

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What is Black Hat SEO

What is Black Hat SEO? 

As a digital marketing agency in Kansas City, the results of black hat strategies are continuously seen as they negatively affect their surrounding competitors.  Black Hat SEO marketers are the gun-slinging outlaws of the Internet due to their rule-breaking techniques to earn higher rankings.  Some black hat strategies include:

  • Unrelated Keywords: Adding keywords to your content that has nothing to do with your brand or business is a big red flag for major search engines due to how unnatural it looks. This practice is a sort of virus of the Internet.
  • Content Automation: Even if you have never heard the term, “bot comment,” everyone knows what it means and has usually encountered one themselves. Although these bot comments contain one or two keywords that will help their ranking score, it is automated and makes sense grammatically to genuine viewers and readers.  Google prioritizes quality content and values quality over quantity.  Stay away from automated content, and be like the best Kansas City SEO company, and build quality content.

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  • Doorway Pages: This black hat SEO technique essentially creates fake pages that are overloaded with keywords that make them easier to find within search engines. Once this page is found by a user though, once clicking the link, they are immediately redirected to their main website where they learn the page they clicked on doesn’t indeed exist.  Every SEO company frowns on this dirty technique, because not only does it lie to Google, but also to the customers whom they should be valuing.
  • Cloaking: This deceptive SEO strategy involves presenting potential clients and search engines with entirely different content. The goal, put simply, is to trick search engines into displaying their URL when it would not usually be displayed.  Simply put, this strategy is a direct lie.

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  • Invisible Text & Links: This is a common and straightforward black hat strategy that any quality SEO company would turn away from. This technique involves hiding texts or links within your content to improve your SEO ranking.  A simple way to do this is to add white text over a white background.

Black Hat SEO is extremely dangerous, and should never be attempted.  You put your band, company, and website at risk for participating in these illegal SEO practices.  Using Social: Managed. is a great way to gain higher SEO ranking scores, while also pleasing Google, your clients, and your brand in the process.