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You want to optimize your social media presence? Use a Kansas City SEO company to help optimize your YouTube Channel. Maybe you’ve done your research and stumbled upon tagging. In theory, it sounds like a great jumping-off point. However, YouTube tags are not especially important for discoverability! Social media marketing companies in Kansas City can be your guide.

The Truth About YouTube Tags

The truth is that suggesting keywords directly to YouTube and Google sounds like an amazing idea. However, YouTube and Google algorithms have now evolved to a whole different playing field. The bots have adapted to reading the audio of your videos. What’s that? Yep, they can do that now. They don’t just rely on tags anymore, that’s why you need a digital marketing agency in Kansas City to help you.

Google stopped taking notice of the meta key word tag in 2009, and YouTube tags really aren’t that relevant anymore either. Studies suggest a low correlation between rankings and tags on YouTube, so now you are just wasting time with these tags.

A digital marketing company in Kansas City might suggest that when uploading your video, you include a couple of tags in your content, but not to worry too much about it. Google and YouTube need to understand what topic your video is covering, but other than that, you can kick tagging to the curb.

Digital Marketing Agency in Kansas City

No Tags, Though?

Tagging still has some relevance, don’t get rid of all that just yet. Even the best social media marketing companies in Kansas City use tags in concert with Google if the content of your video is misspelled. Also, tags are great if your video is in any other language besides English, or your video is full of technical stuff. Captions have trouble picking up all those things.

Tags vs. Hashtags

Let’s look at hashtags in video descriptions for a moment. They are more beneficial than tags, because they do form a minor part of YouTube’s discovery mechanisms. How does this work? To include a hashtag above the video title, just make sure they are included within the video description. Only three hashtags are shown above the YouTube video.

An experienced digital marketing agency in Kansas City will know that Google does not like too many hashtags on YouTube, so keep these within three to five. Do not go overboard. A wall of ten hashtags means you need a Kansas City SEO company to watch your back because you have become unsearchable.

Tag Me: Not It

In the end you do not need to spend many hours including tags on videos anymore, the number doesn’t matter like it used to. A digital marketing company can guide you, but don’t overdo it; make tags relevant and you will be fine. Remember that hashtags, not tags, are not the optimal impact makers. A SEO company in Kansas City can show you how to use these helpers to market whatever you are trying to get out there.

At the end of the day, both tags and hashtags are the minor characters in the overall YouTube extravaganza.  Get with one of the best social media marketing companies in Kansas City to look at other things like titles and thumbnails that impact view counts and rankings.

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