2 Outdated Keyword Tactics for SEO Companies in Kansas City — As one of the most reliable SEO companies in Kansas City, our team at Social: Managed. is well aware of how quickly the world of SEO can change. One minute, you’re using an SEO strategy that is creating great results for your clients and their websites. The next minute, you’re completely revamping things to adapt to Google’s latest changes.

Search Engine Optimization continues to evolve, just like the world that surrounds us. That’s why the best SEO companies in Kansas City are always quick to adjust. The best SEO experts take the time to learn what SEO tactics are becoming obsolete.

In today’s blog, we’ll cover two SEO keyword strategies that are now becoming less popular due to their ineffectiveness.

SEO Companies in Kansas City Say You Should NOT Use Lots of Different Keywords

If you have ever posted a blog using a site like WIX or WordPress, you know that the site asks for a main keyword or a feature keyword for each article. Articles should be centered around one keyword for multiple reasons. First, it makes the article less confusing. If you’re bouncing around from one keyword to the other, it can be hard to keep a reader’s focus. This is especially true if you’re trying to feature two keywords that are completely unrelated.

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Second, you are compromising the article’s integrity. Google is getting smarter, and the search engine knows when an article is created strictly for SEO purposes. If the article has no meaningful content, Google does not reward it with a high ranking. Make sure your articles are not keyword-stuffed and that they have naturally written information, featuring one main keyword, that helps serve a purpose for the reader.

If you have two keywords that don’t really go together in one article, it is best to write two separate articles. Even the best SEO companies in Kansas City would struggle with writing one article that uses two unrelated keywords. Take the time to create two well-written articles (one for each keyword) and watch your SEO thrive.

Keyword Stuffing

This tactic is becoming easier and easier for Google to detect, so it is critical that SEO companies in Kansas City avoid keyword stuffing at all costs. One of the most common forms of keyword stuffing is simply plugging as many keywords as possible into one article. By doing this, the article becomes very jumbled and unreadable, and it also increases the chances of Google penalizing your site.

Other keyword stuffing methods are very sneaky, but still can be detected by Google. Some SEO companies will use white text for their keywords and randomly put them in many areas on their site. They are hard to detect by the untrained eye but can still be recognized by Google and other search engines. This results in the site getting penalized and its rankings take a major hit.

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