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Social: Managed. has created affordable videos for companies of every size and industry. We customize our approach to fit each client’s needs. Our production team has you covered if you are looking for a marketing video for social media or your website, an educational video, or even a customer testimonial video.

At Social: Managed., we offer many ideas for video content to improve your website or social media presence. Here are a few ideas on how to use your video to engage and attract customers:

Social Media Video

Videos recorded to produce social media ads for YouTube and Facebook are important to attract customers and keep them clicking on your page. More and more people want video because it packs a punch for engaging customers. Video can communicate a lot more about your brand and what it offers. A high-quality professional video will give you dynamic ads that can showcase your brand to potential clients and increase revenue.


Website Video

Videos are essential when building a website. Most website content is viewed through videos. By creating a video for your website, you are creating non-static material to engage and excite customers about your business. Video can help explain your company, product, or service to potential customers.


Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials are a powerful tool. Connecting with other people and hearing their reviews helps your audience trust your company and adds weight to the value of your service. Showcasing your business’s successes and reputation are vital in keeping and generating new customers.


Customer Education

People increasingly rely on the internet for everything, including education or “how-to” videos. By creating videos that help customers educate themselves on a subject, you are creating a point of contact for them to ask questions. Your brand educational video can influence a potential client to learn more about your business and explore the benefits of your services.


Employee Onboarding Video

With more and more companies working remotely or having limited staff, some companies are opting to create onboarding videos. These have proven beneficial for new employees to learn about the company and get some common questions answered.


Product Demonstration Video

A product demonstration video shows your customers how to use a particular item. This is an excellent opportunity to show off all the benefits your product offers.


Drone Video

Drone video gives a unique perspective for areas such as landscapes, buildings, broadcasting of live events, or an area that is difficult to access. It is an ever-growing area of videography that takes skill and the right equipment to capture. Social: Managed. has access to the best drone videographers. We have top-of-the-line video equipment to fulfill your business needs.

Voice Over Video

Voice-over videos are a tool used in all levels of media. They are often used to reiterate a marketing message you are trying to convey to your customer. By creating voice-over content, you can communicate your goals while showcasing your company via video.

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The Planning Meeting: When planning for a photo shoot, we must know the content we are trying to capture ahead of time. Social: Managed. a Kansas City video production company, will set up a planning meeting with all clients to make sure we plan and capture the content that is important for your business. We will be sure to maximize the video shoot and get the best content to use on multiple platforms.

Single Camera Shoot: A single camera allows for a broader range of themes for your shoot, making the process more streamlined and versatile. Having a single camera allows for more flexibility and control over lighting, sound, and movement.

Single Location: For most customers, video production in Kansas City, one location is all that is needed to capture the perfect content. Having one location saves time and money with a similar result of seamless content.

Drone Videos: Drone video gives a bird’s eye perspective of areas such as landscapes, buildings, broadcasting of live events, or any area difficult for a person to reach. It is an ever-growing area of videography that takes skill and the right equipment to capture. Social: Managed., a Kansas City video production company, has access to the best drone videographers with top-of-the-line cameras to help fulfill your business needs.

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