We Research

Here at Social: Managed., the best Kansas City SEO company, we thrive on data. We will research the data trends related to your industry and look for openings in the data that will allow you the largest return with the lowest investment. We subscribe to the content SEO strategy, meaning we believe Google is looking for high-quality articles in your industry. By providing content, we believe Google will reward you with a higher search result. We have seen that the content strategy has worked consistently over the old ways of “tricking” Google with false backlinks, buying listings, and other computer-generated data.

We Optimize

We will do all the back-end programming and front-end copywriting to allow Google to easily recognize the keywords, which are phrases you have chosen, that you want your company to appear on the first page of a Google search.  We don’t want to bore you with all the technical speak but are happy to dive in if you want to understand more about what we do to optimize behind the scene.

We Create

One big piece of our SEO solution is blog creation. Google is in the business of providing search results. If we are being honest, Google does not care about your business. What google cares about is quality search results that answer questions. Google wants your knowledge and is willing to give you better search results if you will create blogs that share your expertise. Google has proven over and over that companies that provide Google high quality content soar through the SEO rankings and find themselves on page 1 much faster than computerized optimization.

We Socialize

Social media is now part of the math when it comes to showing up on page 1. We will take the blogs we are creating and share them on your social media platforms. This creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. Google cares about many things, but we can boil them all down to 3 areas:

1. How long have you had your domain?

2. Are you creating quality Content to answer search questions?

3. How many visitors do you have each month?

By sharing on social media, your followers will click on your blogs, which in turn increases your traffic to your website. This engine is what fuels our SEO offering.

We Measure

Each month we meet to report back the movement on each keyword phase we are managing and talk through our strategy to get you or keep you on page 1. We will be looking at what the competition is doing to combat our efforts and make adjustments as needed each month.

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Our mission is to provide our customers with a seamless marketing experience across all of their digital assets. We want to be the best digital marketing agency in Kansas City. We will achieve this through over communication, excellence in execution, and becoming a trusted advisor to our customers.