A Leading SEO Company in Kansas City Deepens the Talent Pool with These Dos and Don’ts – Practicing search engine optimization can be tricky; trends are constantly changing, as are the search engines themselves. But, once you understand the topic, the reward is worth it. A leading SEO company in Kansas City suggests using SEO-focused techniques in your recruitment strategy.

Many SEO terms you use will relate to qualities you are looking for or responsibilities someone will have on the job. If you put “SEO company in Kansas City” in your job advertisement, someone searching for working for an SEO firm will be more likely to find your ad.

At Social: Managed., a leader of SEO companies in Kansas City, we want to help you find the best talent to work for your business. Incorporating SEO into your job advertisements is an effective way to do that. We’ll give examples of some of the best SEO practices you can use to attract the best talent to your team.

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What You Should Do With SEO

A Kansas City SEO company understands that incorporating SEO into your business practice can be difficult. You don’t want to spread yourself too thin or take a “shotgun” approach. Use these tips if you have platforms that you regularly use to interact with your customers:

Create Content

Content is essential to attract job applicants. The more content you create for your website and blog, the higher your name will be in the search engines. This is important because if someone is looking for a job, they’re not going to scroll to the fifth page; they’re going to stay on the first. More content can also give prospective employees a good idea of what your business does and your values.

Make SEO Keywords Specific

Your SEO keywords and terms should relate to the open job position and the industry you work for. Don’t advertise for a “copywriter,” advertise for “writing master’s degree jobs.” This opens up your talent pool to more individuals, some of whom might not have been specifically looking for a copywriter job.


Share, Share, Share! 

This might be an obvious tip, but sharing your content is vital. If you are hiring another copywriter, your current copywriter probably has friends in the same field. Encourage them to share the job opening with their friends. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools.

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What You Shouldn’t Do With SEO

In most cases, just sticking the correct keywords into your job posting isn’t enough. Often, you get stuck with candidates who don’t fit the job you are advertising for, or they just aren’t a good fit for your business. According to the best SEO companies in Kansas City, you need to be specific to attract the best talent. Here are some things that you shouldn’t do with the SEO in your job advertisements:


Pay for Search Engine Advertisements

This is honestly a waste of time and money and won’t attract the level of candidates you are looking for. The effectiveness of this advertising is diminishing; about 75% of people ignore these advertisements.


Use Generic Keywords

Generic keywords might be too broad and attract too general of an audience. If you are looking for a copywriter, use more terms than just “writing” and “content,” and be as specific as possible. Use terms such as “MLA format” and “search engine optimization.”


Don’t Try to Control Your Advertisements

According to a trusted SEO company in Kansas City, you shouldn’t micromanage your job advertisements. Understandably, you want to control your job search but let people share the advertisement. This makes your job easier, and you might find a great candidate because of the help.

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