A Leading website company in Kansas City: 4 Steps to Improve Organic Clickthrough – The best website company in Kansas City understands that Google’s search results can be unpredictable; their rankings software is known for being interactive and diverse. This means clickthrough studies aren’t entirely accurate because no two sets of search results are identical.

However, the good news is that content creators and writers do have quite a few options on how their content is represented in a Google search. At Social: Managed., we take pride in being leaders of WordPress website help in Kansas City and want to help your small business thrive. We understand that your business can’t grow if you don’t have a high amount of organic clickthrough.

That’s why, as a trusted website company in Kansas City, we’ve compiled some tips on improving your content’s organic clickthrough.

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Monitor and Measure Your Content

According to the best website companies in Kansas City, monitoring and measuring any content you create for your website is crucial. Monitoring any content you create is pretty straightforward; you just have to keep an eye on how many views it gets and compare it to other content.


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Develop SEO for Your Existing Content

According to a leading Kansas City web design company, one of the best ways to improve your content’s organic clickthrough rate is to add SEO to any existing content. This draws readers’ attention to content that you worked hard to create, reducing the time you would spend creating new content and helps drive interest to the older parts of your website that you worked hard to create.

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Experts at the  website company in Kansas City suggest using hyperlinks in any content you create because it can actually help improve your Google ranking, which can help improve organic clickthrough for your content. Hyperlinks help show Google that your website is active, and they’ll rank it above non-active websites.

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Target Easy SEO Keywords

One of the best ways to improve your content’s clickthrough is to target easy, broad SEO keywords everyone searches for.

If you are a roofing company in Kansas City, you shouldn’t spend your time and resources on promoting keywords like “best roofing companies on Main Street” or “best roof repair company on Nall Ave.” These search results will produce very, very limited results, and almost nobody will be able to find your website.

Instead, targeting easy, broad SEO keywords and phrases are best. Try “best roofing company in Kansas City” or “best roof repair company in Kansas City.” This will help broaden your target audience, and you should notice your website traffic increase.Website Company in Kansas City


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