We Listen

At Social: Managed., the best website company in Kansas City, we think it is important that your vision is the end result—not ours! This is how we have become one of the best website companies in Kansas City. Throughout website design in Kansas City, we have found listening is a lost art in website design. Yes, Google does shape many of the design aspects, and we will provide consulting around those best practices, but your company culture and brand should shine brightly through at the end of the project.

Before forming Social: Managed., David Alexander, our Founder, owned a website design firm in Kansas City that was named a Top 25 Website Designer in Kansas City by Ingram Magazine. His firm had built over 1,000 websites in the Kansas City area before he sold his shares to start a solo venture and follow his dreams of starting a full digital agency. David’s first web design firm was created in 2001, and he always enjoys talking about how different Kansas city website design is today, with a mobility first view, than how he used to build them “back in the day.”


We Create

We create our websites following core psychology principles and user behavior trends. You will find that we do almost everything based on proven track records and research. This is why we believe we are one of the best website companies in Kansas City.

When creating a website, it is important to set expectations for both what we will build and what you, the customer, would like to see in the finished product. This helps cut the development time in half and lowers the overall cost of the project. When we are called in to “take over” a website project, it is almost always because there was not an approved design document outlining the expectations at the beginning of the project.

Once we have an approved design, we build a beta website. This allows the customer to see what the site looks like on different screen sizes and to make adjustments to the design. Once the site is populated with all the information, we

have a final design approval meeting. After the site is approved, we will make the site live and set it up with Google analytics.

We Use Research

We build our websites with the best practices based on consumer behavior trends. There is much more to a website than pretty pictures, videos, and text. Did you know that most users will leave a website within the first 3 seconds of opening? We will explain our philosophy on the 3 “bounce points” of a website.



We Measure

We will review Google analytics to better understand how long visitors stay on your website, where they went, and where they left you website. These are key areas to better understand your consumer's behavior.They also allow us to make changes to measure tangle data as we make adjustments to your website. Working with a Kansas City website company that understands the local market can help your website be more successful.

Best Website Leadership in Kansas City!

David Alexander Named Owner Of Top 25 Website Company By Ingram’s Magazine

Our mission is to provide our customers with a seamless marketing experience across all of their digital assets. We want to be the best digital marketing agency in Kansas City. We will achieve this through over communication, excellence in execution, and becoming a trusted advisor to our customers.