Top 10 Contender for Best SEO Company in Kansas City Explains Most Common Web Design Mistakes to Avoid–Many people who have never designed a website before think it’s an easy task, though it is far from it. Web design is a very strategic process that requires an eye for design. As a website company in Kansas City, we see websites all the time and constantly see the same mistakes being made. If you plan on designing a website soon or are just getting started in the Kansas City website design industry, we are going to discuss the most common web design mistakes to avoid. 

Web Design Mistakes To Avoid

The Best SEO Company in Kansas City is Not Mobile Friendly 

It’s a mobile world and we’re all living in it. In today’s day and age, everything is on our mobile devices. It’s not uncommon for a website that wasn’t designed by a website company in Kansas City to fail at making it mobile friendly. If you want visitors to your page and to stay on it, then make sure it is easy to navigate and use on a mobile device. 

The Best SEO Company in Kansas City  Says Not Too Many Colors 

A website with too many colors is overwhelming to the viewer and comes across as very unprofessional. Less is more when it comes to color. Pick just a few colors and stick with them throughout the entire website. Consistency is key. 

The Best SEO Company in Kansas City  Says Not Too Many Fonts and Sizes 

Just like too many colors is overwhelming, so is having too many fonts and font sizes. When choosing what font you want to use, decide on at least two or three. Additionally, make sure the font size is legible. The best website company in Kansas City suggests keeping the minimum size at 14px. 

The Best SEO Company in Kansas City  Says Watch Out for Poor Navigation 

There’s nothing worse than a website you can’t navigate. A viewer should be able to find what they need on your site easily. Consider what a customer would be coming to your website for and make sure it can be found without having to navigate the entire website. If you need WordPress website help in Kansas City design, give us at Social: Managed a call. 

There are many other mistakes to avoid in web design; however, these are just four of the most common ones we see. If you are looking for a custom website design in Kansas City, we will work with you and your brand to design a high-quality website. Social: Managed ranks among the best website companies in Kansas City. Contact us today!   

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