Writing an article for SEO purposes is far different than writing a standard, marketing, or even a personal blog. There are many different aspects that must be taken care of by an SEO company in Pensacola or around the nation before it is a successful SEO article. One of those items to remember are header tags. They are extremely important to add to articles, but it is also important to understand how they work first. Join us through this article to learn about header tags and how to implement them efficiently. 

What Are Header Tags? 

In order to fully understand these tags, we have to take them apart and learn about each category separately. There are many different layers of tags, but let’s look at the first three major heading categories together. 

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H1 Tags 

These tags are the ones that are considered the most important tags because they are known as a title tag. This tag is a critical ranking factor upon many ranking requirements. This is also the most visible for the page reader as it is the largest on the screen. To ensure the H1 tag is used correctly, use it for the most important title and try and include one of your keywords in the headers as well. 

H2 Tags 

H2 Tags are typically considered the subheading of the article. You can use H2 tags to separate and highlight the most valuable information. Think of it like a book, H1 tags are like the name of the book and H2 Tags are like the names of the chapters.  

H3 Tags and Beyond 

These tags are designed to further clarify your content. These are used in things like lists, quotes, and other separators within the text. They are not as prominent as the H1 or H2 tags, but they still hold an important purpose within SEO. 

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Why Are They Important? 

Using headers within the SEO articles written by the best SEO companies in Pensacola is just one way to help rankings across many search engines. But why are they so important? Let’s break it down.  

Headers are important for many reasons, one of them being that they separate chunks of text. Search engines do not like just a big chunk of text. Instead, they want variety. One way to provide that is with headers. Readers can also quickly identify which parts of the text are most relevant and skip to that part. 

Another reason why they are so important is because it increases your SEO efforts. Bots will recognize headers as user-friendly since they give the page formatting and make the content scannable and accessible. This is why it is so important to efficiently use headers in your SEO articles. 

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