In order to be the best Kansas City SEO companySocial: Managed is constantly exploring the best ways to get our clients’ web pages to the top of the Google rankings.  Utilizing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be one of the most effective ways to get meaningful content to your readers while utilizing SEO to make your website more visible. 

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There are many ways SEO companies in Kansas City can boost traffic to your website; however, there are also several different ways a Kansas City SEO company can decrease your website’s visibility.  This article will discuss several different ways that your site can be negatively affected by sloppy SEO tactics, such as:

  • Excessive Links 
  • Hiding Links 
  • Mobile App Download Requirements 
  • Over-Use of Keywords 
  • Duplicate Information 

Excessive Links

One practice that some businesses attempt is buying links from a link farm and using them to boost the business’s visibility.  The links to these sites are created for one reason; boosting another web page’s ranking.  Any trustworthy SEO Company in Kansas City would never use a link farm as they know Google prohibits them.  Using a link farm can result in Google deindex all links that are involved. 

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Hiding Links 

The best SEO companies in Kansas City do not hide links on webpages since they know Google will find the links and penalize them for it.  Many who are trying to boost their SEO rankings will create links in size zero font or position links that are off the page.   

Mobile App Download Requirements 

One way to get on Google’s bad side is to create a full-screen advertisement to get readers to download an app.  Once Google detects this unnecessary ad, it will consider your site non-mobile-friendly and deindex the website. 

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Over-Use of Keywords 

Excess keywords are something that SEO companies in Kansas City have to be aware of.  Using keywords several times within a single page may seem like an easy way to improve SEO rankings, but Google is always on alert for excessive keyword stuffing.  If using too many keywords affects your site’s readability it could hurt the Google rankings as well. 

Duplicate Information 

If a Kansas City SEO company creates duplicate content, Google will only index one piece of that content.  SEO companies should be creating original content so that their clients are not left out when it comes to the next set of Google rankings.    

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If your business is looking for a reliable SEO company in Kansas City, you can trust our team at Social: Managed.  We know all the SEO tricks to help improve traffic to your business, so contact us today to find out more!