SEO Companies in Kansas City Face Dire Warning from Yoast SEO 7.0 Bug–A significant update to the Yoast SEO plugin caused a considerable uproar in the digital marketing and search engine optimization community, as the 7.0 update causes a significant bug to affect almost every Kansas City SEO company. Joost de Valk, the founder of the Yoast plugin, offered up an apology to every best Kansas City SEO company saying, “This post serves both as a warning and an apology…We’re so very sorry. …we messed up. I myself, am sorry. More so than normal, because I came up with and coded this change myself…”

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The bug affected settings to the way image redirects are being handled for SEO Companies in Kansas City; most users saw their rankings drop since March 6th, 2018 – hence the dire warning from Joost de Valk and other industry professionals.

SEO Companies in Kansas City

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Kansas City SEO companies have been working around the clock to come up with a solution for fixing or circumventing this issue, but meanwhile here is more information about what went wrong and how to check your Yoast SEO Search Appearance settings:

What Went Wrong?

Yoast is now referring to this issue as “Panda-Like Problems” when the 7.0 update went live. The update did not affect all users, but it did affect many leading to them seeing reduced rankings due to changes in image redirects that were mishandled by the system during updates. This could not be reverted after it had been processed meaning those affected would need further help resolving their issues if they were going to continue operating within their competitive marketplaces effectively.

SEO Companies in Kansas City

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How To Check Your Yoast SEO Search Appearance Settings

On the left side menu, select the Yoast SEO icon, then click on the “Search Appearance” link which will direct you to a tabbed interface where you can click on “Media.” Under Media & Attachment URL’s settings should be set to “Yes.” If it is set nothing else needs doing but if it is set “No” then changing back could solve any ranking issues you may have encountered since March 6th 2018. If this does not resolve your problem however then you may need to look into downloading a special Plugin such as Yoast’s own Search Index Purge Plugin for further assistance with sorting out any potential problems with your rankings down the line.

The Impact of the Yoast SEO 7.0 Bug

The impact of this bug has been significant on both small and large-scale SEO Companies in Kansas City. With rankings dropping significantly, many businesses have been forced to roll back their digital marketing efforts or even change their entire approach to board a competitive edge again.

How Can Kansas City SEO Companies Fix It?

For those who have been affected by this bug, there is still hope though as solutions can be looked into and implemented. For those who are yet to be affected, the best course of action would be to make sure that your Yoast plugin settings are up-to-date and that you regularly check for changes so as not to get caught out by any future updates.SEO Companies in Kansas City

Seeking Further Assistance

If these steps do not appear to help out with any problems then seeking further advice from an experienced professional may be necessary in order to get your rankings back up to scratch in line with industry competitors. There are a number of great resources available online which provide detailed information on fixing the issue as well as advice on avoiding similar pitfalls going forward.

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Taking Precautionary Measures

It cannot be understated how essential it is for SEO Companies in Kansas City (or indeed any business utilizing modern digital marketing solutions) to take precautionary measures against potential bugs and issues like this one arising in the future, especially if they want to remain competitive within their sector and protect their business interests from any disruptions caused by sudden ranking drops caused by unforeseen technical issues or other factors outside of their control.SEO Companies in Kansas City

  1. Download special Plugins such as Yoast’s own Search Index Purge Plugin for further assistance with sorting out any potential problems with your rankings down the line.

  2. Take precautionary measures against potential bugs and issues by regularly checking for changes and updates with regard to their digital marketing strategies, plugins, and other tools used in aiding the online promotion of their businesses or products/services.


Overall, it is clear that the updates to Yoast’s popular plugin have had a significant impact on many SEO Companies in Kansas City and arguably other businesses utilizing modern digital marketing solutions. With potential solutions available and many resources online providing advice on both fixing any existing issues and avoiding future pitfalls, it is essential for any business operating within this sector to be aware of these changes and take necessary precautionary steps in order to remain competitive within their sector and protect their business interests from any disruptions caused by sudden ranking drops or other issues outside of their control.

SEO Companies in Kansas City

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