A #1 Award Winning SEO Company in Kansas City Explains Google My Business Updates–Here are two changes that Google has updated Google My Business with over the weekend! Google My Business recently has added the ability to announce the date your new business is going to open directly in Google Maps. This is excellent news for any SEO Company in Kansas City and Google Adwords consultant in Kansas City. Google My Business is the center for a lot of online businesses, especially any Google ad company in Kansas City. Learn more about the update here! Google My Business Releases Updates For New Businesses.


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SEO Company in Kansas City :New Business Open Date-

Google officially confirmed this feature will public for all. This new feature will help the best SEO companies in Kansas City better market their newer customers, some who aren’t even open for business yet. This feature helps new businesses build awareness and prepare for the opening day by communicating to their customers when they will open. This paired with working with a great SEO company in Kansas City will mean great results for starting businesses. Businesses can also set a future opening date, engage with customers, and announce when and where they’ll be open for business.


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SEO Company in Kansas City :Local Service Businesses Areas-

Google has also made several changes to how it handles “service-area-businesses” recently in a way that will genuinely benefit marketing and SEO companies in Kansas City. You now have two options in Google My Business:
1. If you don’t serve customers at your business address, leave the address field blank and only enter your service area.
2. If you do serve clients at your listed business address but also have a service area, you can enter both.
This is excellent news for service area businesses in Kansas City. Working with the best Kansas City SEO company with these new Google My Business updates can truly benefit your business and future growth. Happy Marketing!

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