An SEO Company in Kansas City Gives 5 Ways To Improve Your Website’s Security--As one of the best website companies in Kansas City, we have learned that often the best methods to tackle a task are the simplest ones.  Keeping your website safe from bad guys is extremely important, but once you start to explore all the options, it’s easy to get distracted and overstimulated with the abundance of useful and useless methods.  Kansas City web design isn’t safe on its own.  Every website needs security.  WordPress website help in Kansas City can be extremely involved, so here are some website security pointers to get you started.  Here are 5 ways to improve your website’s security!

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An SEO Company in Kansas City  Says Keep Your Software Up To Date

Keeping software up-to-date is crucial to managing and operating any website.  It is essential to ensure that your platforms and scripts are up-to-date and installed correctly.  Since technology is continually evolving and changing, it’s necessary to regularly stay to up to date on your website’s status and security.  Even the best website company in Kansas City can suffer from a lack of security.  Maintaining and updating every software product you have installed onto your site is crucial.

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An SEO Company in Kansas City  Says Enforce A Strong Password Policy

Using strong passwords is extremely important.  Hackers often use sophisticated software that can use brute force to crack passwords and damage websites.  To protect against this unfortunate situation, using complex passwords that contain uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numerals, and even special characters is a must.  This password policy should be maintained throughout your entire business or organization.SEO company in Kansas City

An SEO Company in Kansas City  Says Encrypt Your Login Pages

Even when you invest in a custom website design, the agency will encourage you to use SSL encryption on your login pages.  SSL allows sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, or even login credentials to be transmitted securely.  This enables all information entered onto a page to be encrypted so that it is meaningless to a third party who might be trying to interpret it.SEO company in Kansas City

An SEO Company in Kansas City  Says Use A Secure Host 

Every website company in Kansas City knows how important choosing the right hosting provider is.  Website security should be a priority to every website company, and selecting a reputable web hosting company is vital to the process.  Your host should make you aware of threats and be devoted to keeping your website secure.  They should also back up your data to a remote server routinely, ensuring you don’t lose any vital information.  Choose a host who offers ongoing technical support.SEO company in Kansas City

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An SEO Company in Kansas City  Says Keep Your Website Clean

Every database, application, or plugin on your website is, unfortunately, a possible entry point for hackers.  It would help if you are always deleting files, databases, or applications from your site that you are no longer using or using regularly.  It is essential to keep your file structure organized to keep track of any unwanted changes.  Website security is invaluable to your website’s function and protection.

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