SEO company in Kansas City: Which 3 is the best for SEO Creating New Content or Optimizing Old Webpages?--According to a leading SEO company in Kansas City, this topic has been debated in the digital marketing community for ages. Many SEO experts struggle to agree on which method works best for social engine optimization and repeatedly ask the question, should you optimize old content or focus on creating new content?

At Social: Managed., we take pride in being a leading Kansas City SEO company, and we want to help optimize your content so you can rank in the top spot-on Google. Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut answer to this question. SEO can be tricky, and what works best for one business might not help yours.

However, the general rule of thumb is to dedicate half of your SEO efforts to updating your old content and the other half to creating new. This can provide your search engine results with numerous benefits, and you can rank higher on Google. Optimizing old content and creating new can also provide numerous other benefits.

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SEO company in Kansas City–Your Webpages Become More Valuable Over Time

According to a leading SEO company in Kansas City, your content can become more valuable over time. Your content can be relevant for years, so it is crucial to keep it updated and optimized. Pages published for extended periods have built-up links, which helps improve visibility and page value.

A leading Kansas City SEO company believes that this helps older content be considered high quality and stay relevant. However, it is crucial to create new content as well. Creating new content can help your business reach new audiences. Google tends to favor websites that are constantly in use. Creating new content is a great way to show Google that your business is real and not a scam.

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SEO company in Kansas City–Grow and Maintain Content

According to leading SEO companies in Kansas City, creating new content and optimizing old is a great way to grow and maintain your business’s content. SEO builds value over time, so all of your hard work pays off in web traffic and revenue. However, you have to do more than just create new content.

According to the best SEO companies in Kansas City, if you want to strengthen your business SEO, you need to maintain your website throughout its entire lifestyle. The best way to strengthen your SEO program is to make sure fifty percent of your time creating new webpages and fifty percent of your time updating the old ones.

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