An SEO Company in Kansas City GIves 7 Tips for Strengthening Your Social Media Presence—Social media is essential for any company or business today. Having a presence on social media with little activity can be just as detrimental as not having one at all.

Here are our 7 tips from Social: Managed – the best digital marketing agency in Kansas City – to help you strengthen your social media.

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Quality Content

The quality of content on your social media accounts matters. Images that pop, are vibrant in color, and generate high engagement will draw people in and keep them coming back. For quality content, we suggest hiring a professional team like Social: Managed – one of the best social media marketing companies in Kansas City – to manage your accounts.

SEO Company in Kansas City

Optimize Accounts

Optimizing your social media is key to strengthening your presence. This includes updating account information, adding hashtags to posts, and including relevant keywords in profiles. To get started with optimizing your Facebook for Business page, read our guide!

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Post Consistently

Posting consistently shows visitors there’s activity going on but doesn’t overwhelm news feeds with too many posts. Aim for at least two to three times a week so followers remain engaged and don’t forget about you!

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Engage & Develop Relationships

It’s better to focus on engaging with followers than on how many followers you have overall. Building trust builds authenticity, which makes it more likely that those who trust you will recommend your business to others.

SEO Company in Kansas City

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Stay Up-To-Date On Trends & News

Once in a while, post about industry updates or trending topics on Twitter or Instagram to generate conversation and show off a personal side of the brand – even if it’s humorous! Following trends lets followers stay interested and helps the brand stand out amongst competitors without being too overbearing on its news feed.

Monitor Your Activity & Insights

SEO Company in Kansas City

Using tools like Sprout Social and Hootsuite allows you to monitor activity and measure performance by seeing what time of day the majority of your audience is online so that you know when it’s best to post for maximum engagement rates

SEO Company in Kansas City

SEO Company In Kansas City

If it proves difficult to manage all aspects of maintaining an effective presence on social media alone, look into hiring a specialized SEO company in Kansas City such as Social: Managed! A good agency knows what works, what doesn’t work, and how best to increase engagement levels with potential customers so businesses can reach their goals faster and easier than ever before!

The data demonstrates that search engine optimization works. The SEO company in Kansas City WORKS! When people get online, they do an immediate search for a product, business, or service. If you’re not on the first page, those clients will choose one of your competitors. By failing to optimize your website and engage in SEO, you will lose a substantial number of sales and brand recognition.SEO Company In Kansas City

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