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Long are the days of grid-based designs. For years, nearly every website was designed with imaginary lines in place for easy navigation and simplicity. That has since changed. In 2020, you will find many companies modernizing their website to follow a more asymmetrical design. This fairly new asymmetric layout trend offers a more unique, bold, fun, and personable look. Render is an excellent example of a clean, asymmetrical design that’s also interactive.


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SEO company in Kansas City

Minimalist DesignSEO Company in Kansas City

Along with asymmetry, more and more companies are leaning towards minimalist web design. While minimalism, also called “flat design,” has been around and isn’t necessarily a new trend for 2020, it is expected to continue to grow in popularity. Our website company in Kansas City has found that many people consider minimal designs to be “boring.” However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Essentially, minimalism means clean design, text, and elements – yet still attention-grabbing. We anticipate seeing more websites with colorful minimalist designs, rather than just white. A well-known example of minimalism is Apple.

SEO company in Kansas City

Bold TypographySEO Company in Kansas City

Oversized, bold typography gained quite popularity in 2019 and isn’t going away for 2020. This web design trend stops you in your tracks, grabs your attention, and is extremely memorable. Our digital marketing company in Kansas City loves how Huge Inc. portrays both minimalism and bold typography with their web design.

SEO company in Kansas City

Hidden NavigationSEO Company in Kansas City

Rather than including a menu bar at the top of a website, many of the best website companies in Kansas City are shifting to hidden, vertical navigation bars. As you can see on Essentially Geared Wine Co.‘s website, there is no visible menu bar. Instead, the menu appears when you click the three-lined icon in the top right corner of the website. This design technique offers you more space and is excellent for mobile viewing.

SEO company in Kansas City
SEO company in Kansas City

Voice User Interface (VUI)

More and more technologies are embracing voice interaction. Voice User Interface (VUI) is a growing phenomenon and is quite possibly one of the most significant web design trends for 2020. People have found voice command to be easier to use than text and incredibly accessible for people with disabilities. If you are looking to be on top of your game in 2020, then VUI could be what you’re looking for.

SEO company in Kansas CitySEO Company in Kansas City

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