{SEO Company in Kansas City} Why WordPress is #1 for Web Design—When launching a business, one of the first steps in the process is to develop a website. Many SEO companies in Kansas City can help with this process, but it’s important to choose the right software and tools too. There are many web design applications and tools out there; however, WordPress continues to rank among the top.

As we mentioned, there are countless website-building tools available, but WordPress is by far the most popular. According to W3Techs, nearly 34% of all websites on the Internet are powered by WordPress. Additionally, WordPress also holds a 60% CMS market share that outranks other well-known web development software such as Joomla or Drupal. As a result, there are many tutorials available if you decide to manage your site yourself – and can easily be passed onto an experienced SEO company in Kansas City to manage your online presence.

SEO Company in Kansas CitySEO Company in Kansas City

Easy to Use

One reason why WordPress is so popular amongst businesses is that it’s easy to use. There’s no need for coding knowledge or mastering any other type of web development technology; users can simply install pre-designed themes and customize them as they wish. Additionally, if you aren’t feeling particularly creative when building your website, you can choose among thousands of templates available through third-party vendors or hire an experienced SEO company in Kansas City to customize a theme just for your brand’s needs.

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Thousands of Plugins

You can customize and make your WordPress site even easier to use by installing plugins – additional pieces of software that add more features and functionality than what comes with default themes or plugins included with hosting packages. As a trusted local provider of Kansas City SEO services, some of our favorite plugins include Yoast SEO (for optimization purposes), WPForms (for contact forms), WooCommerce (for adding eCommerce functions), Jetpack (for security measures), and Accordions (for organization).

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SEO Friendly {SEO Company in Kansas City}

If you want your website to be visible on Google searches, then optimization should be performed – which brings us back full circle to hiring a qualified SEO specialist in Kansas City who has experience working specifically within content management systems like WordPress and understands how search engines work best using these platforms.

Fortunately, since WP powers so many websites worldwide already – countless tutorials exist making implementation much easier than coding from scratch or attempting SEO services outside of this platform altogether!

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