Best SEO company in Kansas City. According to a leading SEO company in Kansas City, search engine optimization is vital for all content that your post, even when posting videos on YouTube. This video platform ranks its content differently than websites like Facebook or Instagram, so businesses need to approach YouTube SEO differently than how they would approach other websites.

At Social: Managed., we pride ourselves on being a leader of SEO companies in Kansas City and want to help improve your business’s Google rankings. It’s crucial to have a prominent presence on all social media platforms, including YouTube, to reach the widest audience; that’s why we’ve compiled some tips on how to do effective SEO on YouTube.


Basics on YouTube Ranking

According to a trusted Kansas City SEO company, YouTube ranks its content differently than any other social media site. They like their videos to be relevant and transparent, your video’s title should pertain to the content you posted, and you should try using as many keywords as possible.


Use the Video Description Box

SEO companies in Kansas City suggest using the video description box when you post a new video. Use this space to implement keywords to help your video rank page one on Google. Your description can include external resources, video chapters with key moments, and hashtags. Ensure that you use keywords that your business targets and try to link back to landing pages on your website.

Best SEO company in Kansas City

Aim For Quality Views

According to a trusted SEO company in Kansas City, aiming for quality views on your videos is crucial. Your video’s ranking won’t improve by just having a large number of people click on it; YouTube ranks its videos by how many people actually watch the entire thing. That’s why it’s crucial not to make your videos too long because most people won’t watch through until the end; SEO experts suggest posting videos that are no more than five minutes long. There is no easy way to achieve high-quality views; just try making your content engaging for your audience.


Utilize the Thumbnail Feature

An experienced Kansas City SEO company suggests utilizing the video’s thumbnail to attract more viewers. The best thumbnails tend to be bright with high-contrast colors and typically contain a face. The best way to measure the success of your video’s thumbnail is by looking at the impression click-through rate in YouTube analytics. Finding a thumbnail style that attracts more viewers and fits with your business’s aesthetic is vital.

Best SEO company in Kansas City

Hire One of the Best SEO Companies in Kansas City

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