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Your company’s first impression to prospects.

We ensure each website we build is unique and meets the clients needs, now and into the future. Websites are often first impression a user has with a company. A website that provides a great user experience can help convert customers and drive sales. Let our designers help create a beautiful site that boosts your brand and turns traffic into customers.



To ensure a company has a successful website we need to first establish the website goals prior to designing a site.


Our team will dive into your current website analytics and data to define your target audience.


No website design is the same. Our designers take your goals, brand and target audience into account when creating your website design.

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What You Receive With A Website From Social: Managed.


Every website we design is unique to each and every customer. In today’s market, you need to stand out online, which is why no website we design is the same. To achieve this, our web design team, creating custom website design in Kansas City, will get a good idea of what your brand embodies, understand your websites wants and needs, dive in deep to your current web analytics and data to improve existing strategies and define your target audience.


Over 50% of Internet traffic comes from mobile devices. If your current website isn’t mobile-friendly, you are losing thousands of dollars on precious business. Fortunately, we keep this statistic in mind whenever we design a website to guarantee it is mobile-friendly. Our custom website design experts will provide you with a responsive design that ensures every viewer receives the best experience possible.


When you started your business, you worked hard to develop your brand. This means when we design and build your website, we will take the time to listen to your ideas, history of your company, and your dreams for growth to ensure your website will suit your brand. If you are still struggling with developing the look of your brand, our team of design experts can help, as the best website company in Kansas City.


If your website isn’t easy to navigate and information on your site can’t be found, then visitors to your site will leave and go elsewhere. When we design a website, we work hard to built it so that it is responsive and functional on both desktop and mobile devices. Our website design team is experienced at working both the front-end and back-end of sites to ensure a full-functioning design.

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From Mockup to Build, We Include You The Whole Way Through.

Below are examples of mockups we like to provide to our clients before we start building their website. The last thing we want to do is build you a site that you don’t like. That’s why we start with these mockups and ask for your input. Once you’re happy with the mockup, we bring it to life on the web.

Before forming Social: Managed., David Alexander, our Founder, owned a website design firm in Kansas City that was named a Top 25 Website Designer in Kansas City by Ingram Magazine. His firm had built over 1,000 websites in the Kansas City area before he sold his shares to start a solo venture and follow his dreams of starting a full digital agency. David’s first web design firm was created in 2001, and he always enjoys talking about how different Kansas city website design is today, with a mobility first view, than how he used to build them “back in the day.”

When creating a website, it is important to set expectations for both what we will build and what you, the customer, would like to see in the finished product. This helps cut the development time in half and lowers the overall cost of the project. When we are called in to “take over” a website project, it is almost always because there was not an approved design document outlining the expectations at the beginning of the project.

Once we have an approved design, we build a beta website. This allows the customer to see what the site looks like on different screen sizes and to make adjustments to the design. Once the site is populated with all the information, we have a final design approval meeting. After the site is approved, we will make the site live and set it up with Google analytics.