4 Ways Yoast Can Help an SEO Company in Kansas City — As a leading SEO company in Kansas City, our team at Social: Managed. knows just how critical it is for websites to get the highest rankings possible. There are many different things that go into getting attention from Google and boosting your profile, and one important factor is your website content.

You can have very informative content, but you also need a Kansas City SEO company that knows how to maximize content it so that it stands out from the competition. One successful tool that can make your content more noticeable is a plug-in called Yoast. So, what exactly is Yoast? Read on to find out more.

SEO company in Kansas City — Yoast and WordPress Make a Good Team

As a leading Kansas City web design company, our team at Social: Managed. can use different sites to design and post content for our clients. One of our favorites is WordPress, and WordPress can be maximized by installing different plug-ins. Yoast is a widely used WordPress plug-in that helps improve a website’s rankings on search engines like Google. It is specifically designed to optimize your site’s content and keywords.

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SEO company in Kansas City — Yoast is Mostly Automated

Many things in Yoast are automated so that you have less data to enter. For example, if you create a blog post for a client, Yoast will automatically take the title of your blog and incorporate it into the URL link. The URL is also known as the “slug” in Yoast. There are some customizations and areas where manual entry is needed, but overall, Yoast is a great plug-in used by many of the best SEO companies in Kansas City.

SEO company in Kansas City — Provides Quick Analysis of Your Posts

Another benefit of using Yoast in WordPress is that Yoast quickly provides areas of strength and weakness within your post. Yoast will quickly identify if your voice is too passive or if the text is not very readable to the average person. Things like this are important to being a successful SEO company in Kansas City. Yoast will also let you know if your post is too short or if you use repetitive text in your article. These are just a few of the ways Yoast can maximize your site.

Great SEO Training

For SEO beginners, Yoast is a great tool to teach you the building blocks of SEO. Once you start to use Yoast regularly, you being to incorporate more SEO tactics instinctively into your posts and blogs. By combining Yoast, WordPress, and a sound SEO strategy, you can quickly show your clients that you’re the best SEO company in Kansas City!

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Hire a Leading SEO Company in Kansas City

Social: Managed. is considered a trusted Kansas City SEO company, and we want to help our customers meet their goals. We can evaluate your business’s current SEO plan and develop a strategy tailored specifically to your needs. We strive to ensure our clients receive their desired results.

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