One of The Best SEO Companies in Kansas City Explains 4 Key Topics Regarding “Rank Math” — Here are Social: Managed., we strive each day to be one of the best SEO companies in Kansas City. We use the best programs and features to ensure our clients get the maximum results. In our previous blog, we talked about the importance of using a plug-in called Yoast, which is commonly used by SEO companies in Kansas City that utilize WordPress. In this article, we’ll be discussing another very useful plug-in: Rank Math.

Best SEO companies in Kansas City — What is Rank Math?

Rank Math is becoming one of the most popular WordPress plug-ins because it has numerous features that help optimize your site. It provides helpful details to the best SEO companies in Kansas City so that they can maximize key items like SEO titles, meta descriptions, and schema markup. Rank Math can also help you determine how readable your content is and if it is optimized for SEO purposes.

Best SEO companies in Kansas City — Should You Install Rank Math for WordPress?

Rank Math is highly utilized by SEO companies in Kansas City who want to grow their clients’ audience. This plug-in has a well-designed interface which makes it user-friendly. If you’re new to SEO and just dipping your toe in the water, you can utilize just the most basic features. However, if you’re more advanced in the world of SEO, there are many more options you can unleash. To answer the question, yes, you should install Rank Math because it benefits SEO workers of all levels.

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Best SEO companies in Kansas City — Optimizing Your SEO Content Using Rank Math

As a leader for custom website design in Kansas City, our team loves Rank Math because it integrates well with WordPress, which helps make SEO optimization very convenient. You can conveniently find almost all of the rank math features on the right-hand sidebar of your screen. Each feature helps with your overall SEO presence.

You’ll also see a checklist with either red x’s or green checkmarks. The red x’s indicate areas where you can improve your content. This could include adding a focus keyword to the title of your page or elevate other SEO areas. The green checkmarks will indicate areas of strength that help boost your SEO optimization score.

Free and Pro Versions of Rank Math

Many of the best SEO companies in Kansas City are very happy using the free version of Rank Math. It provides many features and can help take its clients’ SEO to the next level. However, if you want a more advanced version of Rank Math, their pro, business, and agency versions can unleash a client’s SEO to its maximum capacity. Depending on the features you want, pro versions of Rank Math can range from around $60 to $500 per year.

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