In order to be a successful Kansas City SEO company, you need the right tools to make your website appealing to search engines like Google. If Google is unable to find your site, then you won’t appear in searches, which means you are missing out on the opportunity to gain customers. An effective SEO company in Kansas City, like Social: Managed., knows exactly how to get a business’s website more recognition and improve its overall rankings on Google.

One popular design site is WordPress. Within WordPress you can add different plugins to make a specific site more “Google friendly.” Two of the most commonly installed plugins on WordPress are AIOSEO and Yoast. As a leading Kansas City SEO company, we’ll provide a brief rundown of both plugins to help you determine which is best for your website.


One advantage that AIOSEO has over Yoast is that it’s “the original” WordPress plugin. You’ll likely find that AIOSEO will run more smoothly than most other plugins because it has been compatible with WordPress for the longest time.

AIOSEO comes with dynamic features like on-page analysis, TruSEO, schema markup, local SEO, breadcrumb navigation, and many more informative features. In a nutshell, if you’re looking for technical SEO optimization for your site, AIOSEO is the place to find it. AIOSEO also automatically creates an XML sitemap, which you can submit to Google to help boost your site’s search results. These features have all proven to be effective tools for nearly any Kansas City SEO company.

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It may not be “the original” WordPress plugin, but Yoast has over 5 million installations and is widely considered the most popular WordPress plugin. Some of the most utilized features of Yoast include automated technical SEO improvements, advanced XML sitemaps, title & meta description templating, faster loading times, and much more.

Yoast gives immediate analysis of all your SEO content, which can be extremely helpful for any SEO company in Kansas City. You’ll also get to see a preview of what your Google search result will look like before you post the content. Yoast also includes internal linking blocks to improve your content’s overall structure. There are seemingly endless tools to help you achieve the maximum SEO results.

A Kansas City SEO Company Recommends Choosing the Best Plugin to Fit Your Needs

As you can tell from reading this, there are some advantages to using either AIOSEO or Yoast on your WordPress site. There’s no clear-cut winner as to which one is best, so choose the one with the features and benefits that can best help your website. You really can’t go wrong with either one!

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