Why SEO Companies in Kansas City Recommend Headings for Your Content — As one of the top SEO companies in Kansas City, our team at Social: Managed. knows it is critical to have high-quality content on your company’s website. The content should be informative and organized so that it’s easy for the reader to follow. Organization is also vital if you are writing content for SEO purposes. When content is structured in a clear fashion, it is more likely to be scanned and crawled by Google, resulting in positive Google rankings.

Headings are one of the biggest keys to organized content. In this article, we’ll discuss a few different ways that some of the best SEO companies in Kansas City use headings. By following these tactics, you may begin to see an uptick in website traffic and better results on the keywords that you are targeting.

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SEO Companies in Kansas City Use Headings to Show Text Structure

Many people consider headings to be small guides that help the reader navigate through an article, blog, or any type of content. The heading should always clearly indicate what the upcoming paragraph is about.

There are lots of readers who are not interested in reading an entire piece of content; they simply jump to parts of the text that they are most interested in. Headings provide clear indications of where the reader can go to quickly find what they are looking for.

SEO Companies in Kansas City Use Headings to Boost Search Engine Optimization

When you use headings, they are generally in larger and bolder fonts that are much more reader-friendly. This also makes the text easier for Google to recognize as it crawls or indexes your content. The use of headings often results in better content and improved SEO results.

How SEO Companies in Kansas City Use Different Sizes for Their Headings

Headings come in different shapes and sizes. Heading 1 (H1) is typically the title of the article and is only used once on the page. Heading 2 (H2) and Heading 3 (H3) are subheadings used to introduce different sections throughout a piece of content. If a piece of content has additional sub-sections, then Heading 4 (H4) might be used.

These types of headings are used by the best SEO companies in Kansas City to help readers and Google scan the text. Many SEO experts encourage using headings above all long paragraphs or in front of a group of paragraphs that are all focused on the same subject. Many SEO companies strive to stay under 350 words between each heading so that the smaller text gets broken up every so often.

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