Best Kansas City SEO Company Talks About #1 Video Marketing –Social media video marketing in Kansas City is always growing and is becoming more and more essential for businesses. If you feel that you’re already behind the curve on video marketing, our digital marketing company in Kansas City can help! We want to answer all of your questions about video marketing. How do you create a great video? How do you keep your viewers engaged? What makes a good story? How do you reach the right audience? Below, we can explore the answers to all of these social media video marketing questions.

5 Top Tips for Social Media Video Marketing in Kansas City

  1. Best Kansas City SEO Company –Focus on the first few seconds

If your attention span online is short, you can bet that your viewers’ attention spans are even shorter. Studies show most people will only focus on one thing online for approximately 8.5 seconds. That does not give you much time to catch your viewer’s attention. Therefore, if you are aiming for successful video production in Kansas City, you need to make sure you get the point quickly and keep your viewer interested as he or she scrolls through the News Feed.

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The first few seconds of your video are the most important. Be sure that they provide clarity on what your video is about and make the viewer aware that it is worth his or her time to watch the whole video.

  1. Best Kansas City SEO Company Don’t Forget the Hook

Following Tip 1, a great way to get your potential customer’s attention right off the bat is through the use of a hook at the beginning of your video. A hook is nothing more than a fun, quick preview showing what the rest of the video will be about. In fact, companies that provide the most successful social media video production in Kansas City say that a hook is one of the most critical parts of your entire video.


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  1. Best Kansas City SEO Company Pick an Eye-Catching Thumbnail

Facebook allows you to choose an upload a thumbnail for your video. Do not take these for granted, as they can be a great way to get the attention of your viewer as they scroll through their News Feed. They are a great first impression, so choose carefully. Studies have shown that a catchy thumbnail can drastically improve play rates. Most top digital marketing agencies know not to miss out on an opportunity to pique the interest of potential customers. Using a right thumbnail is a great way to do this and to start telling your story before the video even begins.

  1. Best Kansas City SEO Company Tell a Story, Don’t Sell a Product/Service

In the past, with TV ads and commercials, it was hard to skip the advertisements to focus on entertainment. With social media video production, advertising videos compete with entertainment videos on social media platforms. This means, that if you want consumers to stop and watch your video, you have to make it worth their while. If your video focuses solely on sales and branding, it is unlikely many people will take the time to watch it. However, if you can create a video that tells a story and connects you to your potential customers, you have a much higher likelihood that they will watch your video. Make sure it is concise and cohesive to keep their attention.

  1. Best Kansas City SEO Company Your Video Should Be Understandable With and Without Sound

Facebook has gone through multiple changes where videos have auto-played with and without sound. Currently, they do play with sound, but that could change any day. Additionally, it is great to have a video that viewers can understand without sound, as many have the sound on their computers or mobile devices turned off. In fact, studies have shown that upwards of 80% of all videos on Facebook are viewed without sound.

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This means that when you are working on video production for your business, you should focus on a video that will engage viewers without sound, but also have a sound that adds value to the video. This can be done using captions, overlays, or even fun and unique signage. We are the Best Kansas City SEO Company

If you want to enter the world of social media video marketing, Social: Managed. is one of the best social media marketing companies in Kansas City and can help you achieve your video production goals. Give us a call at (913) 222-9617 or drop us a message here!

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