The Best SEO Company in Kansas City Breaks Down 5 Marketing Hacks for Instagram — Instagram is one of the best social media channels that are currently available. It has the potential to be an extremely powerful tool; however, it also has a lot of clutter that isn’t useful. How are people going to find you and your brand when there is so much competition? When you are attempting to grow your online audience and expand your digital footprint, using these five Instagram marketing hacks can be of tremendous assistance.

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As a Kansas City Instagram company, we have found that more than 500 million daily users are using the channel regularly.  Not only is there a lot of competition, but you also have to take time to build visual content, correctly edit and crop photos, and produce videos that are Instagram friendly.  How do people do it?  To become one of the best brands or best social media marketing companies in Kansas City, it takes much time, practice, and the use of tested marketing techniques to grow your brand through social media.

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The Best SEO Company in Kansas City  Says to Invite Users To Your Instagram Page 

This might sound overly simple, but it is a great way to build a loyal audience.  Through content creation and promotion, you will find the exact audience who responds to your content.  You can see this through likes and comments on your posts.  The users that have interacted with your content are great to invite to like your page!  Encouraging followers to post their own content using your specific brand hashtag is another excellent way to use social media to build brand awareness!

The Best SEO Company in Kansas City  Says to Teach At The Social Media Speed

Being both an Instagram and Facebook marketing company in Kansas City, this is a difference we become aware of very quickly.  Although the two channels might seem similar, daily users interact with them very differently.  Find these differences, and use them to build your social media presence.

Video tutorials can be extremely interactive, help keep your audience engaged, and are perfect for your Instagram page!  Instagram is great for clever, fast-paced, 15-second video clips, or even a carousel of photos displayed back to back.  These posts can not only catch a user’s eye but bring them back to your page wanting more!  The best Social media marketing companies in Kansas City know that photos and videos are a great way to generate interaction on a page, but on Instagram especially, making them educational and immersive is even better!

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The Best SEO Company in Kansas City  Says to Act Like You’re On Snapchat

Instagram Stories can be a powerful tool if used in the right way!  Instagram unveiled its Stories feature in August 2016, and people loved it.  Instagram Stories serves up more data than Snapchat and allows you to add a “call to action” button within your story.  This can be great for advertisements or consumer interaction.  Advertising through Instagram Stories is very similar to how a Facebook marketing company in Kansas City might operate, but a lot easier!

Instagram Stories have an immediate, ephemeral nature that makes it ideal for promotions, limited-time offers, sales, or unveiling new products.  This feature is a great way to share current news or offers with your clients in a short period!

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The Best SEO Company in Kansas City  Says to Always Drive Customers To More Content

As an Instagram Ad company in Kansas City, one of the few challenges found is that Instagram has not made it easy for companies to link posts directly to their products or shoppable photo tags.  There are ways around this dilemma though.  Driving people back to your brand’s Instagram profile through a “Link In Profile” is a great way to link users to your site, while also showing them the rest of the content you offer!  If done right, this obstacle can be turned into a big victory!

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The Best SEO Company in Kansas City  Says to Manufacture A Moment

Instagram Live is another great feature that many businesses forget about.  This feature allows brands to stream hour-long videos in real-time.  This is another excellent way to publish interactive content, such as Q&A’s, tutorials, behind-the-scenes content, interviews, or classes.  The videos will disappear within 24 hours of their initial publication date, which makes the content special and exclusive.  Harnessing this exclusive moment with your followers can be a great way to drive users back to your page and website.

As both an Instagram Ad company in Kansas City and a Facebook marketing company in Kansas City, we know balancing the challenges of social media marketing can be difficult.  Social media can be an excellent tool for your brand or business, and could be harnessed to grow your digital footprint immensely!  Contact Social: Managed. at (913) 222-9617 or message us to learn about how Social: Managed. can serve you!

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