The Best Kansas City SEO Company 10 Important Reasons to Blog (even if no one reads it)—As a Kansas City SEO Company we understand the struggle in capturing an audience on your website. Becoming the leading SEO agency in Kansas City requires time, knowledge, and perseverance, but these can all be picked up with practice. Making your way to the top of organic Google search results is essential for gaining targeted traffic to your site. You may be asking yourself if creating new content or optimizing your website would be helpful. The best SEO companies in Kansas City recommend doing both! Consider these 10 reasons for blogging (even when no one reads it):

  1. Kansas City SEO Company: Search Engine Benefits

Blogging can be an excellent tool for Kansas City SEO companies.  An actual audience may not ever read them, but Google will.  Whenever you upload content to your site, Google crawls it and places you organically according to the keywords in your content.

Research has shown that websites with regular blogs obtain 55% more traffic than sites with no blogs.

SEO companies in Kansas City blog consistently, not only for filling sites with quality content, but for optimizing their website for organic Google search results.

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  1. Kansas City SEO Company: Personal Growth

Blogging about a specific subject means you have to first learn about the topic through research and practice.  Creating original content can make you much smarter, not only as a marketer but as a person.  Every blog you write is something new you have learned.  Don’t only blog for your brand, but blog for yourself!

  1. Kansas City SEO Company: Improved Skill Set

The best SEO companies in Kansas City create large volumes of content through their blogging techniques and strategies.  Blogging helps you learn about communication, which will benefit your marketing and sales skills on a daily basis.  Blogging can be an essential marketable skill if mastered.


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  1. Kansas City SEO Company: Virtual Sales Calls

When you write a blog that provides communication to your target audience, you are essentially working sales.  You are attempting to sell your brand or product to the digital world through rich content.  This is something that separates an SEO company from the best Kansas City SEO company.

  1. Kansas City SEO Company: Clarity

Routine blogging forces the blogger to communicate clearly and with intention.  Blogging will benefit not only your company but also your communication and writing skill set.

  1. Kansas City SEO Company: Content Library

By blogging regularly, you will find that you are building a deep volume of blog content that can be leveraged in many ways.  For example, answers customer questions, providing sales material, or providing material for presentations or even books.

  1. Kansas City SEO Company: Product Development

Blogging can become personal, which is good.  Through writing about a product, you will find your own personal pro’s and con’s about the product before you even release it to the market.  Blogging can be a great way to review your company’s work before letting it get into the wrong hands.

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  1. Infinite Search Life

This is a big reason why SEO companies in Kansas City blog.  Customers can find you through your blog on Google long after you initially published it.  Your content stays with you, which can be a great asset.

  1. Public Relations

Blogging can be an excellent way for your customers to have a relationship with your company.  In the world of social media, consumer to company relationships is critical.  You have the opportunity to have a massive reach through a blog post, so make it count.

  1. Numbers vs. Impact

You may not have many readers on your blogs, but that is okay!  You could be impacting just the right person through your blog, while also benefiting your website’s traffic through excellent SEO work.  Blogging can be a great tool to have a significant impact on your market!

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