The Best Website Companies in Kansas City Break Down 4 Website Expiration Dates— Because we are one of the best website companies in Kansas City, we have gained the knowledge necessary to appreciate how important it is for a website to have specific expiration dates and schedules. There are four expiration dates related to the site that you should always keep on hand and write down in several different locations. The top three most important dates for your website’s expiration are listed here.

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  1. Domain Name Expiration Date
  2. Hosting Expiration Date
  3. SSL Certificate Expiration Date
  4. Additional Paid Plug-Ins (bonus)

You might have built a great custom website design in Kansas City, but if even one of these essential expiration dates is missed, your website could be in trouble.  Thankfully, services like WordPress website help in Kansas City are always available to guide you along your site construction and maintenance journey, but there is a lot you should know upfront before diving headfirst into Kansas City website design.

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The Best Website Companies in Kansas City: How Can One Of These Expire Without You Knowing About It? 

These three purchases are made online and for a contracted set period.  Many people can buy these licenses for up to 10 years before they expire.  When you purchase any of these three online products for your custom website design in Kansas City, your email and phone number will be required.  This is how they will most likely reach out to you, but with such long contracts, your contact information might change, and you will never know that your expiration dates are nearing.

On top of that, most people do not remember to routinely log in to their hosting service to check their website’s status.  The best website companies in Kansas City perform this duty regularly and encourage all websites to do the same.  Whether your site is large or small, you do not want your site to be lost due to critical expired dates.

The Best Website Companies in Kansas City: What Happens After The Expiration Dates Pass?

Your website, especially if your domain has expired, will be removed from it’s “live” status, and taken off the Internet.  You are at risk of losing essential website code, or even your entire website to these expiration dates expiring without you knowing about them.  Kansas City website design and website design across the globe is always vulnerable to these scaring issues to arise, and it’s up to you to routinely check to make sure your website is “live” and healthy.

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The worst-case scenario and your hosting service no longer have a copy of your website or content that it held, and you have to rebuild your entire site from scratch.  This would be a nightmare for any professional or personal website, and could cause the loss of potential sales, and would require a lot of hard work and financing to rebuild to its former state.  Relying on the best website companies in Kansas City is healthy, but hopefully never needed for this reason.

If taken off the web, your domain name is at risk of being bought from underneath you.  If this happens, you would not be able to reclaim or repurchase your domain name back, until the new owner’s contract expires, which could be years from now.

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Thankfully, many great Kansas City website design companies are here to help you keep track of all of your web needs and expiration dates.  Social: Managed is an excellent service that helps you manage your company’s social life so that you can have one!  Social: Managed has helped many businesses, large and small, stay organized and ahead of all web design trends.  Social: Managed will review your plug-ins, widgets, analytics, and expiration dates to ensure that your website is always at the top of its game!  Choosing to work with a Kansas City website company that understands the local market can help your site be more successful.

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