Social media is changing. The best digital marketing agency in Pensacola knows that social media offers your brand some extra reach but it isn’t always a reliable reach. What does that mean? Well, it means the ability to send a message to a person who has asked to hear from you and that message may not reach that person. Email, direct mail, and telephone all have a reliable reach, but social media? Not so much.

Let’s say I put up a Facebook post or a tweet, the 124,000 who have said they want to hear from me will not see it. A digital marketing company in Pensacola will tell you usually Twitter stats say about 2000 will see it, which means the reach is about 1.6%. Ouch. The same dynamics exist on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google +, and especially Facebook.

Fighting for Reliable Reach

The lack of reliable reach means that we keep trying to communicate with people who have asked to hear from us, but when we send the message, we are getting busy signals. Why? Well, there is just so much competition out there for a Facebook ad company in Pensacola, and every site is set up to maximize their success not yours.

Organic reliable reach will soon be a thing of the past. By the way, if you think that the exact same “Reach extravaganza” that we’ve seen with Facebook won’t eventually happen with Instagram and TikTok, get ready. It is coming.

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The Shotgun Solution to Reliable Reach

So what should you do? What should the best digital marketing agency in Pensacola do? What’s the plan when reliable reach is slipping away, and shows no signs of returning? It might be time to set aside the rifle and grab the shotgun.

“The rifle approach,” by Jay Baer suggests, “social media represents the currently accepted best practices about what makes for ‘good’ and ‘successful’ social efforts.” Baer’s rifle approach says:

  • Invest in excellence. Don’t get involved in a social outpost unless you can do it well.
  • Quality of content is a major driver of success.
  • Develop a unique editorial approach for each social network.
  • Build a large following in every channel where you are active.

Let the best digital marketing company in Pensacola work on reliable reach with your business and develop a strategy with the changing times. You need to be sending more messages more places. It would be best if you reach your clientele. At Social: Managed., our Facebook ad management company in Pensacola has been paying attention to the ad increase and we know how to strategize with the best of them.

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