As one of the best website companies in Pensacola, our team at Social: Managed. knows that many people still use computers to do internet searches. Desktop computers and laptops play a significant role in many people’s daily lives, but this isn’t true for everyone. The kings and queens of the internet-driven world are now mobile devices. Cell phones, tablets, and iPads are being used far more than computers because they are almost a necessity in today’s world.

So, Pensacola website design companies must now focus on mobile sites now more than ever. If your web design company makes a site that isn’t mobile-friendly, don’t expect readers to stay on your site for very long. Many readers have short attention spans, especially when browsing the internet. Within a few seconds, they will quickly leave a site that’s not mobile-friendly in search of the next option.

Our team at Social: Managed. is here to help. We have compiled a short list of things to avoid when making a custom website in Pensacola. These big “no-no’s” include:

  • Not Adjusting the Font Sizes Properly
  • Pinch and Zoom Function Not Working
  • Unresponsive Mobile Site

Not Adjusting the Font Sizes Properly

If a website looks good on a desktop, the best website companies in Pensacola know that doesn’t mean it will automatically look good on a mobile device. When a desktop site is converted to a mobile site, the text must be adjusted to a size that works for a smaller screen.

You might immediately think that the biggest issues are with the text being too small, but sometimes the text converts over as an awkwardly large font. These are things that need to be adjusted by your Pensacola website design company before your site goes live. Otherwise, you can lose potential customers.

Best Website Companies in Pensacola

Pinch and Zoom Function Not Working

Some web designers take a look at their mobile-friendly site and think it’s perfect, so they disable the pinch and zoom function. That means the font sizes and the clickable areas all remain the same size. For people with wide fingers or poor vision, this is not okay!

Your website company in Pensacola should know that everyone has their own preferred settings when browsing on their mobile device. Don’t make the decision for them! Make sure the pinch and zoom function is working so that potential clients have the opportunity to browse your site using settings they are comfortable with.

Unresponsive Mobile Site

One of the most annoying things about websites when viewing on a mobile device is when you have to scroll horizontally or side to side. Or, if the user must shrink the website just to make it all fit on their screen. This is very frustrating and not user-friendly.

Make sure your mobile site is in a responsive format so that it conforms to the dimensions of mobile devices. A responsive site will adjust its layout for a wide variety of screen types, like phones, tablets, or iPads. A responsive website is the key to giving people the most optimized browsing possible.

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