15 Essential Steps to Using a Digital Marketing Agency in Kansas City–Whether just getting started or revamping your online marketing strategy, social media marketing has become an essential element to modern marketing success.  Here are 15 essential steps to social media marketing success that the best digital marketing agency in Kansas City uses to create successful campaigns every day.

Planning with a Digital Marketing Agency in Kansas City

Planning your social media strategy should always be the first step.  Before logging into a social media platform, plan and know your target market, market strategy, and purpose for using this interactive marketing platform.  Different social networks offer different audiences and demographics, so choose yours wisely!

Social Media is one of the best – if not the best – way to market your brand and connect with consumers digitally. Nearly every business utilizes social media in its digital marketing strategy. Not all fully appreciate its power or understand how to use it to maximize the company’s benefits. Whether a large corporation or small business, social media is an ideal way to connect with your consumers, market your brand, and build customer loyalty.

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Creating Content with the

Digital Marketing Agency in Kansas City

Creating quality and share-worthy content is not as easy as it may seem.  Create content that stands relevant to your target market and the culture your business interacts with on and offline.  Don’t be afraid to experiment to see what content works and what doesn’t work on your social media channels. Content creation is a big part of our social media strategy. When we create content for your social media platforms, we will do it in a way that will attract current and potential followers. We influence buying decisions and encourage interaction between your followers and your brand.

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Visualize with a Digital Marketing Agency in Kansas City 

Remember to always visualize your post before posting.  As a custom website design company in Kansas City, we have learned firsthand just how crucial it is that your work online flows visually for your audience.  It needs to not only promote and display your brand correctly but also present your clientele and community accurately. Knowing how your content, including video, images, text, or memes, appear to your audience can significantly influence and force you to re-evaluate how you display your content more carefully.  Nearly half of Facebook users have said they are more likely to interact with brands if their posts contain images.

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Act with the best Digital Marketing Agency in Kansas City 

Act and respond to your users and customers as much as possible.  Xbox Support, at one time, was known as the most responsive brand on Twitter, which helped them grow astoundingly with their target market and online audience.  As one of the best social media companies in Kansas City, we should be proactive enough to respond and interact with any potential customer willing to interact with us.

Posting content consistently on social media is crucial. A Kansas City SEO company does this by investing in the right social media tools and planning content a month in advance. This guarantees the content is being pushed out multiple times a week. If potential customer searches for your company on social media, they will see that you are in business and have a social presence.

Research with

Digital Marketing Agency in Kansas City

Researching your competitors is extremely important.  Custom website design in Kansas City does this all the time.  Learning how your competitor’s post, share, and interact with your target market can be a great learning experience, which may result in inspiration, or more targeted campaigns.

We ensure each website we build is unique and meets the client’s needs, now and in the future. Websites are often the first impression a user has with a company. A website that provides a great user experience can help convert customers and drive sales. Let our designers help create a beautiful site that boosts your brand and turns traffic into customers.

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Digital marketing agency in Kansas City–Analyze

SEO companies in Kansas City thrive off of constant re-evaluation and analysis of their results and online popularly and ranking.  Analyzing your results to see how well your social media marketing strategy is performing is never a bad idea.  46% of B2B marketers are unaware if their strategy actually generated revenue, but social media marketers can easily see their results almost immediately.  Do the research, and analyze your marketing tactics constantly.


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Differentiate with a Digital Marketing Agency in Kansas City

This one can be a challenge.  Like any quality custom website design company, your material and online presence need to walk the line between reliability and originality.  Remember, once you’ve researched each social platform’s demographic against your target audience, you’ll need to tailor your content accordingly.

Digital marketing agency in Kansas CitySchedule with a Kansas SEO Company

Scheduling your postings cannot only help you stay organized but ensure that your content is making it in front of the right eyes. Planning social media posts on a regular basis is extremely important.  You’ll need to post actively on social media for your marketing strategy to take off and continue to keep your users engaged.

Assign with Social: Managed. 

Assigning a staff member, or members, to respond to your social media users can be extremely beneficial.  Whether comments are positive or negative, it’s essential for your brand to respond effectively and quickly. There is no point in posting on social media if you do not engage with your followers.

At Social: Managed. we want your audience to interact with you, so we will create engaging content and respond to comments and messages on your behalf immediately. If a customer shows signs of buying, we will move them into a sales funnel. Then we will introduce your sales team to the prospect.

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Sharing specific content with your audience that may be of interest to them is never a bad idea.  This could come in the form of blogs, articles, or videos that relate to your industry or demographic.  Outside links are welcomed as long as they are relevant to your users. We aim to remain fully transparent so you know how our efforts benefit you. Each month we will review the data with you. You must understand the data and what you are getting out of your social media marketing with us. After measuring data, we will make changes in future posts to ensure higher engagement rates.

Balance with Your Kansas City SEO Company

Balancing your posts between promotional and non-promotional content helps encourage trust and reliability between your brand and your online followers.  If you only share promotional content, your visitors may become uninterested.  Similarly, if you just post non-promotional content, you may not turn as many online potential customers into actual customers.

Let Social: Managed. help you figure out which social media outlet is the best fit for your target audience. We can market across multiple platforms and accounts for you. Our social media experts will create a campaign that keeps potential customers engaged and excited about what your business offers. No matter which platform you choose to market. (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)



Hashtag your campaigns.  Regardless of the social media platform you’re using; hashtags come in very handy to spread the word about your brand.  Hashtags help organize your online content and organically promote your content to the people who want to see it. Check out this blog on why hashtags are so important.


Live stream your brand by sharing what your brand or campaign is up to.  Question & Answer sessions can be helpful, as well as sharing your brand’s event from a different point of view.

The Digital Marketing Agency in Kansas City Delivers

Deliver what you say you will deliver.  If you’ve organized a contest or arranged a live stream, make sure your promises are kept.  Disappointing your users will negatively impact your social media following.

Grow With Social: Managed. 

Grow your audience by increasing your followers, keeping your customers happy, and producing content that your users love.  The more people visit your social media platforms, the more eyes, and the more results are drawn to your brand.


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At Social: Managed., we are an experienced digital marketing agency in Kansas City. Our experts can design and manage an email campaign that engages and inspires your customers. Our creative team also has years of experience with Kansas City web design, and is considered by many as the best Facebook ad company in Kansas City. We aim to increase interactions between your business and your followers. As a leading Kansas City SEO company, we can also boost your Google search results and help your business thrive.

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