SEO company in Kansas City.-Search engine optimization––or SEO––can be a frustrating process, especially if you don’t understand it. A once successful SEO strategy can unexpectedly lose traction and see results fall from page one to page three or four overnight. This occurs for two primary reasons: changes in your competitors’ SEO techniques and changes to Google’s methods for search engine rankings.


SEO company in Kansas City.—Competitor SEO Techniques

Not every small business pursues SEO, nor do all those who decide to optimize use identical techniques. If two or three of your competitors implement successful SEO strategies around the same time, it may quickly demote your website to a significantly lower position and present unprecedented challenges for returning to your former position. If this has happened to you recently, it is time to hire a professional SEO company in Kansas City. The right SEO experts can boost your search position significantly faster than you can on your own.

SEO Company in Kansas City

SEO company in Kansas City.-Google Search Standards Are Always Changing

In 2022 alone, Google rolled out ten different official updates to their search algorithms that they define as  “relevant to website owners.” They also implemented ten official updates in 2021. In other words, if you haven’t updated your business’s webpage in the last two years, your site is seriously outdated. Google search results are based on standard search criteria, and they do not accept payment from anyone to appear in searches––or to rank higher than competitors. Consequently, they are continuously working to improve their search methods with the intent of producing the most beneficial results possible.


The most significant search updates over the last two years all fall into these five categories:


#1 – Core Updates –– 2 Core Updates in 2022

Unlike specific updates designed to address a limited issue, such as spam links or user experience, core updates include broad changes that affect multiple dynamics of a search query. Think of core updates as roughly the equivalent of updating your phone or computer operating system. Other kinds of Google updates are more analogous to updating a single application. Most significantly, core updates improve Google’s ability to search and identify website content that would be most helpful to its users.

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Google updates its algorithms, on average, more than once a day––that is hundreds of times every year––but the biggest updates are identified as “core” updates. Core updates only happen 2-3 times a year.


#2 – Helpful Content Updates –– 2 Helpful Content Updates in 2022

Remember that Google is a business––not a public service. Google wants to be the best search engine in the world by delivering the most relevant information in search queries. They can only do this by quickly and efficiently identifying both helpful and unhelpful content and promoting helpful content on their search engine results page (SERP). Helpful content updates improve their automated system for identifying the best content.


#3 – Link Spam Updates – 2 Spam Updates in 2022

Internet and email spam is one of the most frustrating parts of going online––and Google hates it as much as you do. A useful search query should not include sites with duplicate content, misleading links, false information, scams, or malicious content designed to harass and defame someone. Spam updates include new or updated information to better identify internet spam and keep it out of your search queries.

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Did you know that internet and email spam got its name from Monty Python’s Flying Circus? Read about it here.


Many years ago, search engine optimization techniques commonly included deceptive practices like adding hidden links, including keywords unnecessarily without regard to quality, and duplicate content. These techniques were intentionally implemented to manipulate Google’s ranking system and artificially promote a website to the top of the results page. Fortunately for search engine users, Google has excelled at weeding out these low-quality sites and manipulative practices––or, in other words, reducing spam.


Today, the best SEO companies in Kansas City create unique web content that helps your company’s website rank higher in Google searches. When this is done according to Google’s best practices and spam policies, you can trust that your website will rank higher and maintain its position longer. The best search engine optimization techniques focus on building a quality site with regularly updated content deemed to be genuinely valuable for potential users.

SEO Company in Kansas City

#4 – Product Review Updates –– 3 Product Review Updates in 2022

One of the most common reasons people log on to the internet is to find the best goods and services at the best prices. If you search for a plumber in your area or for new curtains you can hang in your living room, Google wants to get you to online retailers and service providers that meet your needs best. In 2022 they updated their search ranking system to better evaluate and reward businesses and products with well-written reviews. An SEO company in Kansas City can help you ensure your company has reviews written so that potential clients can find them, and Google will give them priority in search queries.


#5 – Page Experience Updates – 1 Page Experience Update in 2022

According to Google, “Page experience is a set of signals that measure how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page beyond its pure information value, both on mobile and desktop devices.” Quality content is a more important factor in Google searches, but page experience is still very important––especially when multiple sites have similar content. Does your website load quickly? Is it mobile-friendly? Is the connection secure? Are visitors required to respond to excessive interstitials? All these and more affect your website’s page experience and can significantly influence your website’s search rankings.

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SEO company in Kansas City.-Why Does This Matter?

If you own a business, changes to Google’s search policies can significantly impact your online sales figures and lead generation. Because Google is working every day to keep its algorithms up-to-date and as useful as possible, your website needs careful attention and regular updating. Don’t neglect your web presence or underestimate its significance. Large companies have entire teams of in-house SEO and digital marketing specialists. Most businesses can’t afford to do that––but they can acquire the services of an SEO company in Kansas City like Social: Managed.

SEO Company in Kansas City

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