The Best SEO Company in Kansas City Explain How Google’s Updates Impact Your Website--2018 marked a big year of algorithm updates and changes for Google. Every digital marketing agency in Kansas City had to prepare for a change, and learn new ways to make their client’s campaigns perform at the best of their ability.

The best website companies in Kansas City always have to re-train and re-learn the best way to do their job after a significant algorithm update, and 2018 was no different.  This is how Google’s updates impact your website today!

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The Best SEO Company in Kansas City Explains A Search Console Year-Plus of Data Adding 

This particular update seemed to drive a lot of Kansas City web design workers crazy but in a significant way!  This update marked the release of a new version of the Search Console, with now an updated 16 months of stored data.

This was great news for every website company in Kansas City. Google’s search console beta wasn’t all; they also added various enticing new features to the latest version.  These updates included an Index Coverage report, alerting you when new issues arose, and an altered AMP status and Job Posting report.

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These updates help make SEO more accessible to the general business owner and marketer. Having an extended period of data storage means that now you can deploy more in-depth analyses of your most watched long-term trends. This update makes more market research much more comfortable.

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The Best SEO Company in Kansas City Explains Google-Backed Twitter Accounts

Custom website design in Kansas City doesn’t just stop at the design but continues through traffic.  Social media is a great way to gain more traffic onto your site.  Through the use of Twitter, marketers have been able to get more traffic to sites in a more convenient way, but now Google has added to it.

While this isn’t a correct algorithm update, Google did up their game! Google has now created the Google Searchliaison Twitter profile, the go-to source for information about everything search-related, explanation, debatable, and exciting new topics.  This update makes every digital marketing agency in Kansas City very happy!Best SEO company in Kansas City

The Best SEO Company in Kansas City Explains Switching HTTP to HTTPS is Now Mandatory

Google truly cares about the user’s experience online, and they only want the most trusted websites to be reachable.  Similar to their page speed update, Google has recently announced that starting this year websites will be required to have an SSL addition to their site, creating a better HTTPS-backed experience for their users.  Although this creates more work for even the best website company in Kansas City, this update is an excellent step toward the future.Best SEO company in Kansas City

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It’s for the user’s good and safety.  The “S” in HTTPS stands for and represents “security.”  If an SSL is not set in place, Google will warn your visitors that your website may not be safe to browse safely.  This could increase your visitors bounce rate, which would not be beneficial, and is an issue that even WordPress website help in Kansas City cannot fix.

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