Improve your CTR and Conversion rates with a Google Ad Company in Pensacola | GoogleAd Consultant in Pensacola


1. Focus on Mobile 

With so many people using their phones to roam the web, it is important for marketers to stay one step ahead of the game. Regardless of the type of ad, Google is smart enough to change the format and show up on mobile devices when someone searches for related keywords. But there are some ads, such as Call Only, that are specifically designed to be used on mobile phones. 

Here are some ways you can Optimize your GoogleAds for Mobile 

  • Create a Mobile-Friendly Landing Page for Your Ad 
  • Design Smart for Mobile as the Ads are Smaller 
  • Use Call Bid Adjustments to Drive More Calls to Your Business 

2. Use Exclusions and Negative Keywords 

Exclusions include all those websites and mobile apps where you do not want your ad to appear. This generally includes all business niches which are irrelevant to your business. You can use this to your advantage by removing each category you wish to not show your ads. That leads to better clicks and ultimately more secure leads. Just like keywords which we decide for our ads to appear on, there are certain keywords which we do not want our ads to show for. These are called negative keywords. Just like the exclusions, using this can ensure more secure leads and better clicks over time. Doing both of these can save you money on clicks! 

3. Watch Your Competitors 

Bidding on competitor keywords cuts down your research work and is highly efficient. Having a look at how others are running ads on the same products simplifies things a lot. It is essential that you pay attention to how your competitors are spending their money and consider if the way you are spending your money is the best. 

4. Hire a GoogleAd Consultant in Pensacola 

The best way to attempt to improve your CTR and conversion rates is to hire a GoogleAd consultant in Pensacola. Our team of certified individuals work hard to get the best clicks for our accounts. Through thorough research and analysis, we have found strategies that work for each industry and we are dedicated to performing the best for our clients. 

Ready to Hire a GoogleAd Company in Pensacola? 

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