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Digital Marketing Company in Kansas City: Out With #2 Internet Explorer, In With Incredible #1 Microsoft Edge–Everything must come to an end some time or another, which is exactly what’s happening to Microsoft Internet Explorer. On August 17, 2021, Internet Explorer will be no longer. First making its debut back in 1995, Microsoft has decided to retire the notable Internet Explorer and replace it with a new browser – Edge.

This end of the Internet Explorer era shouldn’t come as a surprise, as it’s been in the cards for a few years now. In 2016, Microsoft decided to discontinue Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10 after introducing Microsoft Edge in 2015.Digital Marketing Company in Kansas City

Digital Marketing Company in Kansas City: What is Edge?

Microsoft Edge, the web browser, has made a significant shift and will now depend on the Chromium open-source software. Originally developed by Google for Google Chrome, this switch implies that Google will wield more control and influence over the development of new features and the acceptance of various practices within Microsoft Edge. As a consequence, this move has sparked discussions and raised questions about the potential implications for the future direction of the browser.Digital Marketing Company in Kansas City

Digital Marketing Company in Kansas City: Features of Edge

Despite the fact that the new Edge browser will be built upon Chromium, it will encompass a plethora of features that are not present in Google Chrome. By leveraging this innovative technology, users will gain access to a wide array of functionalities designed to enhance their browsing experience. From advanced privacy and security settings to seamless integration with Microsoft services, the new Edge browser is poised to deliver an impeccable user experience that surpasses its contemporaries. Stay ahead of the curve and explore the numerous advantages that await you!Digital Marketing Company in Kansas City

1. Digital Marketing Company in Kansas City: Tracking Protection

Possibly the most prominent and distinguishing feature of Edge is its robust tracking protection setting. With this advanced feature, you can ensure the utmost privacy and security by preventing third-party trackers from accessing your valuable information. This elevated level of protection empowers you with greater control over your online experience, allowing you to selectively filter out unwanted content and effortlessly manage who is tracking your digital footprint. Embrace a more secure and personalized browsing experience with Edge!

Digital Marketing Company in Kansas City

2. Digital Marketing Company in Kansas City: InPrivate Mode

Are you looking for a birthday gift for someone in your family, but you share a computer and don’t want them to accidentally stumble upon your search history? Don’t worry, because Microsoft Edge has got you covered with its InPrivate mode! When you enable InPrivate, it creates a safe browsing environment where your search history, cookies, and other browsing data are automatically deleted once you’re finished. So go ahead and shop with peace of mind, knowing that your privacy is protected with Microsoft Edge’s InPrivate mode!Digital Marketing Company in Kansas City

3. Digital Marketing Company in Kansas City: Organize Research

The feature on Microsoft Edge is an incredibly convenient tool that streamlines your research process. With this feature, you can effortlessly gather and organize information from multiple websites, making it a breeze to revisit your findings later. Simply locate the desired content and effortlessly drag and drop it over to the Collections pane. Whenever you are finished, you have the flexibility to export your collection to popular formats such as Word and Excel. Additionally, you can easily share your collection by copying and pasting it into your preferred email service, allowing others to benefit from your curated research.Digital Marketing Company in Kansas City


Digital Marketing Company in Kansas City

4. Digital Marketing Company in Kansas City: Immersive Reader

Microsoft Edge offers a powerful tool called Immersive Reader, designed to make online reading accessible and hassle-free for all users. This feature particularly benefits individuals with dyslexia or other reading disabilities by allowing them to eliminate distractions on the screen, creating a simplified environment that enhances focus on the content. Moreover, Immersive Reader provides the option to have articles read aloud, while also giving users the freedom to customize the text according to their preference. With these capabilities, Microsoft Edge truly empowers users to engage with digital content in a personalized and inclusive way.

5. Digital Marketing Company in Kansas City: Vertical Tabs

Have ever found yourself lost in the vastness of the Internet, struggling to navigate through numerous open tabs? Fear no more! Introducing vertical tabs, a game-changing feature on Microsoft Edge. Instead of the traditional horizontal display at the top of the page, tabs are now conveniently arranged vertically with just a single click. This innovative update not only enhances your productivity but also provides a seamless browsing experience, allowing you to effortlessly manage and access your tabs with ease. Say goodbye to tab overload and embrace a more organized and efficient way of surfing the web!
Digital Marketing Company in Kansas City

6. Digital Marketing Company in Kansas City: Password Monitor

You’ve likely experienced the frustration of having your password compromised before, and we can all agree that it is a situation nobody wants to deal with. Every year, millions of people find their private information exposed on the dark web, falling into the wrong hands. With this alarming reality in mind, Microsoft made the decision to introduce a groundbreaking feature in Edge: the password monitor. This cutting-edge capability aims to safeguard your online accounts by detecting if your saved credentials have been discovered on the dark web. By enabling the Password Monitor, you’ll receive timely notifications if any potential security breaches are detected, ensuring peace of mind and maintaining the privacy of your personal information.

Digital Marketing Company in Kansas City

Digital Marketing Company in Kansas City: How Will Edge Affect Web Developing Companies?

This browser will have a significant impact on our everyday web browsing experience, bringing about some adjustments that may take a bit of time to get used to. However, two industries in particular will be greatly affected by this change – the web developing and digital advertising industry.

Digital Marketing Company in Kansas City

When a web developer undertakes the task of designing a website, one of the crucial steps is to ensure its compatibility across all available browsers. With the introduction of Microsoft Edge, web developers will now be required to focus on standardizing and thoroughly checking both their existing and new sites to ensure seamless functionality and optimal user experience. This shift will undoubtedly contribute to the evolution of web development practices and reinforce the importance of adaptability in the constantly evolving digital landscape.

Digital Marketing Company in Kansas City

On the other hand, digital advertising will be affected tremendously, as digital ads rely on a significant amount on user data. With Microsoft Edge’s tracking protection feature and InPrivate mode, marketers will now have a more difficult time remarketing towards users and bring new consumers to their sites.Digital Marketing Company in Kansas City

As digital marketers and web developers ourselves, our team is very interested to see how successful Microsoft Edge will be and how it will affect the digital marketing world we live in. Fortunately, now that we know what Edge will feature, we can all start preparing to make necessary changes to comply with the new browser.

Digital Marketing Company in Kansas City: Ready To Make The Switch?

Are you ready to see everything Microsoft Edge has to offer? There’s no need to wait until August 2021 to find out. Edge is already available to download. Just click this link here and make the switch today!Digital Marketing Company in Kansas City

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