Our last blog was focused on hiring an SEO company in Pensacola and how that would benefit your small business. We also went over a few marketing strategies to help your small business. This time we will look at the nine essential content marketing tips for small businesses.

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If you want to jump on board in content marketing but feel overwhelmed, you can always hire the best digital marketing agency in Pensacola to do all of this for you. However, experts agree on these tips if you want to get started independently.

  • Build a Foundation – A good digital marketing company in Pensacola knows that content marketing has a compounding value, so the sooner you start, the faster those results come. You have to make sure the type of content works for your business, so you need to have resources.

That includes:

  1. Your Website
  2. Design and Copyright
  3. Follow-up and blogs
  4. Tracking
  5. Hire an SEO company in Pensacola
  6. Document What You Do – The best digital marketing company in Pensacola knows you should always have a plan in place. Don’t just start making YouTube videos and TikTok. Define and document elements of strategy. Know your audience, goals, topic, formats, and channels.
  • Tell Impactful Stories – A good digital marketing company in Pensacola will recommend coming up with your brand’s story. It should be a unique story about where your company came from and where you are going. It helps engage your customers in a meaningful way.
  • Organize Your Content Process – Determine how much content you can produce and how much money you can spend on it. Get a strategy together and work with the best digital marketing company in Pensacola on the timeline and using WordPress or Wix. The most successful small businesses use social media posting, website analytics, and SEO tools.
Best digital marketing agency in Pensacola
  • Customer Satisfaction – Make sure all your customers are happy ones. Do things that are relevant, practical, and actionable. Make sure people want to explore and visit your website, and use user-friendly vital words to drive customer traffic.
  • Experiment – Don’t be afraid to yell. Shout about your brand from the rooftops! Use anything that sets you apart from other small businesses. Share your unique ideas and opinions and be visually active.
  • Diversify Your Content – Get them listening through a 5-part series. Do coupons. Anything that drives traffic to your site. Do a podcast for your product, have guest bloggers, send out a newsletter; all these things will drive traffic to you and excite your audience.
  • Be Selective – A digital marketing company in Pensacola should advise you not to try to sell the farm to people near the beach. In other words, find the right audience and appeal to them. Find your ultimate distribution channel and use it to your advantage.
  • Watch Your Metrics- Track your success or let your SEO company in Pensacola do that for you. Make sure you know how you are doing compared to the competition.

Next time we will talk about a few small business content marketing challenges and how to overcome them, wrapping up this four-part series from Social: Managed.

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